All Things Shiny And New

Well, hello there. Haven’t seen you in awhile. You’re looking good. No really, you are … no, I’m not being snarky, I’m being nice. Aren’t people nice to you?

I’m back, people. The arm is mostly functioning again, I’m back at work, and hey — I haven’t been on pain pills for a couple months now! Hooray for shoulder surgery! And physical therapy. Oh my lordy, thank you for physical therapy. I just wish it didn’t take me 45 minutes to get there and that I didn’t have to go two times a week. During working hours. Necessitating that I sign back into work after the kids are in bed. Influencing my husband to offer to send his wedding ring to my bosses since they get more of my time than him.

You uncomfortable yet? Me too.

Lots of things have happened since my last post, most of them boring and only interesting to me so I’m going to limit myself to the highlights. (You’re welcome.)

  • I’m glad I live on the West Coast and don’t have to deal with this “polar vortex” nonsense like the rest of the nation. (Because that global warming thing affecting the weather is malarky! — extreme sarcasm intended.) Also, can you imagine what Allie’s eczema would look like if she were exposed to weather like this?!

    polar wind

    Photo credit: John McCormick @ Michigan Nut Photography

  • The girl child turned 3 this year, and I foolishly decided to have an Alice in Wonderland style tea party. It turned out really cute, and I probably spent less than $40 on all the decorations and set up. Where’s the foolish part? The kids enjoyed the “tea party” for about 10 minutes while they scarfed down pizza, then ran off to play and destroy the kids’ rooms. I should’ve spent the $40 on more beer for the adults.

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  • What, you don’t have adult libations at your toddler birthday parties? No wonder everyone comes to my house …
  • The girl child is obsessed with nightgowns now — probably because they irritate her eczema less. I like them because she’s less likely to take off a nightgown in the middle of the night and freeze. Nothing like waking up to your kid screaming and finding them au natural and shivering when you get to their room. She now has store-bought ones and mom-made ones. (The mom-made ones need a little work.)
  • We saw Frozen while the kids were “off” from day care for two weeks and now the kids are obsessed with the movie. Check that. Allie is obsessed with the movie and soundtrack. She sings along. Actually sings. And I can’t get a video of it because as soon as she sees that I have a camera, she clams up. (Resolution for 2014, find a way to record her singing, because its both cute and hilarious — and yes, I’m 100% biased.)
  • The boy is obsessed with anything super heroes, which means that he really enjoys watching the 1960s Batman movie with Adam West, who I cannot think about without hearing him sing his name on Family Guy.
  • I’ve decided that kids have a special alarm system in their brains. It goes off like a freaking fire alarm every time their mother steps into the bathroom. Because dads can go pee by themselves like … 25% to 30% of the time. But moms? Forget about it.
  • However, I can do dishes for 30 minutes unaccosted. Little jerks.
  • I’m making Osso Bucco for dinner tonight for the first time. I’m a little bit scared. I’ll let you know how that turns out.
  • I have to sign the boy child up for kindergarten early next month so he can start school in August. Pay no mind to that shattering sound, its just the sound of my heart breaking at the realization that he’s growing up.
  • In related news, I’ll be putting my daughter back in diapers. (KIDDING! I’m living in a diaper-free house and it’s gonna stay that way until either Hubbs or I need them.)
  • But we ARE going to attempt to chop our paper towel/napkin usage down to nothing by making our own fabric napkins (read: me sewing them), and using kitchen towels — which we’re probably going to have to buy, because terry fabric is expensive.
  • I want to make the girl child an Elsa-style nightgown from Frozen. The Disney store one retails for $30 and the sheer fabric on the arms tends to aggravate her eczema/itchiness. I was thinking of making the majority of it out of satin and have the overlay out of a sheer chiffon. (If I can get those fabrics cheap enough.)
  • I’m going to have to figure out some kind of super hero sewing project so Sean doesn’t feel left out.
  • And I’m ending with some random photos. Just because. Happy new year all!

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