Eczema & THE Must-Read Book Of The Summer

Eczema Update:

We recently went to a dermatologist, who recommended we use Protopic (an inflammatory ointment) daily and not try to wean the girl child off of it. We’re going to see how well that works.

I know there’s no cure for eczema, but I have a boatload of frustration when doctors tell me: “Wow, you’re maintaining her skin really well!” I know other kids have it worse, but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing a good job. Especially on a day like yesterday, when she came home from daycare with puffy, broken skin all over her wrist.

On a good note, I found a “book” on the Protopic Web site that is a talking point for parents whose kids have eczema. Allie’s a little young to get it, but it gave me some good insights and it has some good tips for tracking things when she gets older. You can find it here: It’s called “Under My Skin”. If you have kids with eczema, it’s worth a read for the kids’ quotes alone.

Looking For A Book To Read This Summer?

I wish I were talented enough to write a book, but the most I could ever manage was a short story. But my friend Erin from Musings of a Madwoman has done just that.

She. Wrote. A. Book.


Once you get over your envy, head over to Amazon and get “Bigger” for only $2.99! (What a steal!) Knowing Erin, it will be heartwarming and sweet, poignant, and incredibly funny. I’m planning to read it next week while I’m recovering from shoulder surgery by sitting on the couch and eating bon bons all day. Just kidding, I don’t even really know what a bon bon is …

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2 comments on “Eczema & THE Must-Read Book Of The Summer

  1. laurapayette says:

    Great find with the eczema “book”! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t even considered what having eczema might do to one’s self-esteem or state of being. Natasha is so little still that we haven’t crossed that bridge. But I will save this for when we do.

    • Thanks Laura! I’m in the same boat as you — my daughter is only 2 — but because her hands are the most affected, it already affects her daily life. It had some helpful tracking tools as well if you’re trying to figure out what can prompt flares.

      And I have to say, some of the kids’ quotes broke my heart.

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