Eczema & THE Must-Read Book Of The Summer

Eczema Update:

We recently went to a dermatologist, who recommended we use Protopic (an inflammatory ointment) daily and not try to wean the girl child off of it. We’re going to see how well that works.

I know there’s no cure for eczema, but I have a boatload of frustration when doctors tell me: “Wow, you’re maintaining her skin really well!” I know other kids have it worse, but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing a good job. Especially on a day like yesterday, when she came home from daycare with puffy, broken skin all over her wrist.

On a good note, I found a “book” on the Protopic Web site that is a talking point for parents whose kids have eczema. Allie’s a little young to get it, but it gave me some good insights and it has some good tips for tracking things when she gets older. You can find it here: It’s called “Under My Skin”. If you have kids with eczema, it’s worth a read for the kids’ quotes alone.

Looking For A Book To Read This Summer?

I wish I were talented enough to write a book, but the most I could ever manage was a short story. But my friend Erin from Musings of a Madwoman has done just that.

She. Wrote. A. Book.


Once you get over your envy, head over to Amazon and get “Bigger” for only $2.99! (What a steal!) Knowing Erin, it will be heartwarming and sweet, poignant, and incredibly funny. I’m planning to read it next week while I’m recovering from shoulder surgery by sitting on the couch and eating bon bons all day. Just kidding, I don’t even really know what a bon bon is …


Of Cavities And Picky Eaters

The boy is the picky eater in our house. “I want macaroni and cheese for dinner!” he’ll proclaim, but when it is placed in front of him in all its day-glow orange glory, he’ll take one bite (maybe) then say “I’m done.”

Excuse me? Baking powder? A sphincter says what?!

It’s not like I’m putting overcooked brussels sprouts and canned ham in front of the kid. This is macaroni and cheese. The stuff of childhood. And I have to buy the blue box, because he refuses to eat the “natural” kind.

The orange stuff.

The orange stuff.

Meanwhile, the girl child has polished off her portion, has mowed through her sliced fruit, her sugar snap peas with hummus (one of her favorite snacks), and is munching on a slice of turkey breast.

“I eating Mama,” she’ll say. “I listening!”

“I know baby,” I’ll say, then turn back to the stone-faced 4-year-old. “You have to eat FIVE bites of macaroni and cheese. BIG ONES. And all your fruit.”

For those keeping score, five big bites is to compensate for him specifically requesting said macaroni and cheese. The fruit is to keep ze bowels moving. Because lordy, if he gets stopped up that’s a good THREE days of mineral oil and eventually stool softener to get things moving again.

TMI? Sorry. Welcome to my world.

So dinner is basically a Mexican standoff. A gunfight at noon. Whathaveyou. We sit and stare at each other until he eats. It is SO much fun. Oh, and he STILL doesn’t eat meat. It baffles the mind.

"You will eat your dinner!"

“You will eat your dinner!”

Meanwhile, his sister has cleaned her plate and gets to hop down and watch a movie of her choice. Even if it’s his turn to pick. And if he gets upset, usually she’ll say something along the lines of: “Just eat, Sean. You taking too long.”

But why the long, drawn-out process? Why not just say “fine” and let him be done? Well, Internet, I’ve tried that too. What happens then is that when its time to get into pajamas and get ready for bed: He’s starving. SO HUNGRY. But now my food is cold! I want cereal! With milk! But I’m still hungry! I don’t want to go to bed! and  WAAAAAAAAAAH.

So we struggle. Daily. And I fantasize about scientists creating a pill that gets him all his nutritional needs and fills his belly. But then I’d have to figure out a way to get him to eat it daily. (Back to square one.)

Meanwhile …

The shortcake has cavities. Yes, plural.  On her back molars. The dentist says part of it is because her mouth is so little and that her teeth are very close together.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, its because of the fruit snacks, raisins, and goldfish — all of which she loves — and all of which stick to the teeth and spread their sticky, sweet, cavity-inducing selves all over the enamel. As a result, I have hidden the rest of our fruit snacks and they won’t be making any more appearances. (Also? I got tired of the picky eater trying to fill himself up with these. Fruit snacks do not a meal make.)

Sugar-filled cavity bombs!

Mmmmm … sugar-filled cavity bombs!

I’ve replaced the kid-height snacks with Z bars, granola bars, boxes of raisins (they’re healthy, we just need to be more cognizant of how many she eats), applesauce packets, and snack-size bags of popcorn and “better” crackers. In the fridge, I’m going to make small bags of carrot sticks and sugar snap peas. So far, the girl is loving it. She ate 2 bags of popcorn (about 1/4 cup popped per bag) and a bag of crackers yesterday. The boy? Not so much. He survived on blueberry shredded wheat. Which is fine by me, because hell0 — FIBER.

We took her to the pediatric dentist on Friday for her fillings. Yes, we. Because of the medication they give the kids, two adults are required to be there to ensure nothing bad happens to the kid on the drive home. Like falling asleep and flopping forward and cutting off their air supply and dying. Seriously. So … I wasn’t worried AT ALL.

First off, the girl handled the whole thing like a pro. The only time she cried was after the procedure was over and the dentist turned her movie off before the song was over. That caused sobbing. But aside from that? She was a boss.

And I’ve got the slideshow to prove it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a video. To show just how loopy she was. (BTW, she didn’t lose her footing. She straight up almost fell over.)

She lives!

Slight hiatus. Lots of stuff has happened. So … bullet points.

  • We didn’t move in with my parents because Hubbs got a job.
  • A good job! He’s happy! And he doesn’t have a commute!
  • I still feel bad that my parents rearranged their entire house for us and then we didn’t move in.
  • But my dad says its cool, because it was a great motivator to “clear out some of the clutter”.
  • I’m having shoulder surgery Aug. 1. I’ll be in an immobilization sling for six weeks. Torn rotator cuff, bone spurs, fraying tendons … and who knows what else.
  • As Hubbs says, “And there goes the summer!”
  • My house is a disaster zone.
  • I had a fantasy about donating all but one small bin of toys the other day.
  • I also need to clear out my bedroom. There’s stuff piled up in there that I never use. I’m tired of the junk.

Maybe that’s what I need to do: declutter my life. I’ll add that to my gargantuan to-do list.

Hope ya’ll are having a great summer!