Just breathe

Not going to delve into the details, but I’ve been really stressed out lately.

Stressed as in I’m losing an alarming amount of hair, I’m not sleeping well, and nothing ever seems to get accomplished.

I think I’m losing my mind.

Today is mostly about breathing. And bullet points.

  • Patch testing determined that our little girl is allergic to nickel. This means we’re going to have to watch what we put against her skin — like zippers and snaps, jewelry, etc., and monitor the food she eats. Canned food? Has nickel in it. Pears, asparagus, and kale? Have nickel in them too. Who knew?!
  • I slept wrong last night and my bad shoulder slipped out of the socket. It happens every couple of years, despite me having it surgically repaired back when I was 19. Arm slipping out of your shoulder socket = extremely limited mobility and extreme pain. Luckily, a chiropractor taught me how to use a wall to gently help put myself back together. I think I scared the bejeezus out of the Hubbs: I cried out when I finally got it back into the socket. The whole thing hurts intensely for a moment, during which your eyes tear up and you gasp for air, before the relief hits.
  • I’m trying to sell some clothes on Facebook in a local group and although more convenient than ebay, they’re driving me batty by wanting to go through my bags and cherry pick clothes and then negotiate. Just take the freaking bag for the $30 we agreed upon, won’t you? This isn’t Craigslist, I know your full name!
  • I need a manicure.
  • I also need a full night of sleep.
  • The last woman who came reeked of fabric softener. For some reason it was really distracting, probably because we don’t use the stuff due to everyone’s allergies.
  • I’m kinda perpetually annoyed these days. It’s not a flattering look.