Eczema Update: Trial & Error

Allergist/Eczema Update:

With the allergist appointment a few weeks in the rear-view mirror, I thought I’d share some of the things we learned:

  1. Two-year-olds do not like to have their backs scratch tested for allergens. They like it even less when they’re told to not itch.
  2. She is not allergic to milk or soy, two things that used to cause big flare-ups. She’s been drinking actual milk for the past 3 weeks and is L-O-V-I-N-G every second of it. We’ve had some flare ups on her legs and hands, but nothing widespread like she used to get. The allergist said she could have outgrown the allergy already. We start trying soy next week.
  3. She’s not allergic to 14 other “common allergens” such as dust mites, olive tree pollen, bee pollen, or cats or dogs.
  4. Allegra causes her to become twitchy, irritated, have weird/scary dreams, and doesn’t help with her itchiness. (Yeah, that was a FUN 3 nights. Gah.)
  5. Zyrtec, which used to do nothing for her, is suddenly amazeballs. Totally helps with her itch and both she and I can tell when her 24-hour dose starts to wear off, because she starts complaining about being itchy. As in, 20 minutes past the 24-hour window.
  6. We’re still giving her Benadryl at night, because it definitely helps cut down on her night-time itching.
  7. I find it a little sad that my 2-year-old knows that she has two allergy medications (Zyrtec & Benadryl). Although she calls them “My itch me-cine.” And after I give her the Zyrtec, she says “Yum! My odder me-cine, Momma? Pwease?”
  8. I’m starting to wonder if her eczema is from contact instead of allergens. When it got really cold and dry this winter, her skin flipped out. But I’ve also noticed that certain shoes will cause little welts on her feet, mostly where there are seams that put pressure on her foot. Her hands and wrists are two other areas that get really irritated on a daily basis. As a toddler, she’s always running around, touching things, putting her hands in her mouth/in water/etc. Her knees, elbows, and inner arms are other areas that seem to take a beating, eczema wise.
  9. Our plan is to cut back on her prescription creams/ointments. Especially the steroids. We’re using a staggered approach. When we HAVE to use it, use every other day and alternate medications.
  10. In other news, I am Aquaphor’s favorite customer, since I seem to run through a tub of the stuff every month or so. Also, Curel’s Itch Defense lotion continues to provide her some relief.
  11. And we’re going to keep testing treatments/allergens on her. Our allergist said there’s no fast cure, a lot of it is trial and error. So … now you know everything.

On another note, we are ALMOST a diaper-free house. More news on that later.

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3 comments on “Eczema Update: Trial & Error

  1. laurapayette says:

    So she didn’t have any reactions to the standard panel? Did they pinpoint anything she is specifically allergic to or is that what the followup is for? Glad you’ve at least found medicines that will help to control the itching. Natasha’s had a few flare-ups over the last week; I’m not sure why. I put some steroid cream on her back this morning to help with it. I’ve also been giving her Zyrtec every night before bed, but I have no idea whether or not it’s really helping. (Sure would be nice if babies could communicate!) One of my coworkers today, though, was just telling me that for some people, himself included, Zyrtec causes the same reaction Allegra was causing in your daughter. Makes me think maybe I shouldn’t give it to Natasha…? We see her pediatrician next week for a well check, so I’ll ask her about it then.

    • Believe me, you’d know if she was having a reaction to the Zyrtec. She slept horribly, unless I was holding her. Very fitful sleep, crying, babbling in her sleep. I felt so bad for her. At first I thought it was teething or growing pains, then decided to ditch the Allegra and her symptoms stopped.

      And no reactions to the standard panel. Just a very large reaction to the test histamine. I think we’ll be doing another panel at her next appointment and he wants to see how her skin maintains with the new regimen and if the medicine helps with the overall itchiness.

  2. CoffeeAddict says:

    Try to stop the medicine and other products, but bathe her with Mustela Stelatopia milky bath oil or cream cleanser, follow with Stelatopia moisturizing cream instead. Many moms swear by this (I am included!). Hope she feels better soon! 🙂

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