Sayonara 2012!

So … the world didn’t end. But Kim Kardashian is apparently pregnant. And Kanye West is the baby daddy. So, well played universe, well played. Now I’ll have to bypass headlines and teaser photos of her at the grocery store for most of the year.  I can’t wait for that. (*cough/hack*)

For 2013, I’m hoping for health. Good health to be precise. The year of plague is over and I’m hoping it doesn’t follow us into the new year. I’m also hoping for wealth, because (honestly) who doesn’t, and peace on earth and good will. And what the hey, how about no more school, shopping mall, or other mass shootings? For a whole year? Or for a sinkhole to swallow the Westboro Baptist Church to prove that some higher power does not appreciate its craziness?

Is that so much to ask? Yes?

OK. Health then. I’ll take health.

Happy 2013 people. May it become what you make it.

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One comment on “Sayonara 2012!

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