Beyond Man Down

Forget the flipping flu. This year has been the year of the plague in our house. So here’s how everything went down:

  • My flu turned into a cold — one complete with hacking cough and total sinus congestion, during which I practically bathed in cough syrup and Mucinex D.
  • We had Allie’s 2nd birthday party at the house. I made lasagna, a spinach salad, cut up some watermelon, and “made” meatballs (OK, I bought frozen ones and popped them in the slow cooker with tomato sauce). Oh, and spaghetti for the little kids.
  • I took 1 day off work to clean my house and was very “meh” about the whole cleaning thing.
  • I made birthday cupcakes. Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting.
  • I MADE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING FROM SCRATCH, YO. And it tasted like a strawberry milkshake.
  • The kids liked the mint chocolate chip ice cream better.
  • Then Allie got sick. She caught my cold. And cough. And then she started wheezing.
  • Three doctor visits later she had: bronchitis, an ear infection, and pink eye from all the mucous going up instead of down.
  • This means she has an inhaler + mask, antibiotics, and eye drops.
  • She stayed home with me all week, laying on the couch, taking 3-hour naps, and watching “Matilda” constantly.
  • Hubbs finally convinced me to go to the doctor too.
  • Guess who else has an inhaler and antibiotics now? Oh yeah.
  • I dropped one of our heavy-duty bowls on my toe the other day and broke both the bowl and my toe. Or at least the knuckle of my toe. It’s a lovely shade of dark purple. It also hurts to wear shoes.
  • I spent the past 4 days with a toddler glued to my side practically 24 hours a day. I’m at work today for the first time in a  week and it feels like I’m missing my arm. Or my heart. Definitely my heart.
  • Sean’s nose started running Wednesday night. He came home with goopy eyes on Thursday. Someday, when he’s old enough, I’m going to introduce that kid to the neti pot, and life will be so much easier.
  • Ever have to hold down a freaking-out 3-year-old to put eye drops in his eyes? Not on the fun list, let me tell you.
  • But you have to love the power of peer pressure: For the next dose, I gave Allie her eye drops in front of the boy. She sat down and tipped her head back. No crying. No fussing. “My meh-cine help,” is all she said. Guess who was much calmer the second time around?
  • When I was dropping Sean off at day care on Thursday, a little boy came running up doing the “Allie!” chant. And all of a sudden, Sean got really serious. He held out his hand in the “stop” gesture, and placed himself between the boy and his sister. “Stop,” he said in the most serious tone I’ve ever heard from him, arm extended. “Allie doesn’t feel good. Leave her alone.” The boy tried to peer around him, but Sean moved with him until the boy backed off.
  • When I told Hubbs the story, his eyes glowed and he grinned like the Cheshire Cat. I know he’s imagining Sean doing that in about 14 years to whatever guy is coming on to his sister.
  • At some point in my life, I’ll sleep through the night again … right?
  • One of my mom friends from day care mentioned coming over with a bottle of wine tonight. This makes me very happy.
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2 comments on “Beyond Man Down

  1. Erin says:

    Girrrl. You know what you guys need to give yourself for Christmas? A house cleaner who comes every couple of weeks. I don’t know how you can possibly manage it with a houseful of sick people and both of you guys working full time jobs. Life is too short to scrub your own toilets.

    • Dude, we need amped-up immune systems for Christmas. Although a house cleaner would be lovely. Or a robot that follows my kids and cleans up after them.

      And my dear? When we’re all sick like that? I don’t manage it. The house looks like a bomb full of toys, fruit snacks, and sippy cups went off. I only started to get a handle on it last night.

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