TV Personalities Will Rot Your Brain

I was inspired by my friend Sara over at oaklandboom for this post. She wrote about her quasi love for children’s TV and actual actors/TV talking heads. Which made me think: If I could meet these people (in character), who would I want to talk to? (The following list is in no particular order. More stream of consciousness.)

1. Chris from “Sesame Street”.
Start at 5:46: “Ooh? A virtual tour?”

I LOVE the way he dances. It makes me giggle. It’s also totally the way I dance with the kids. Some things I learned about Chris:

His name is Christopher Knowings. He is exactly 3 DAYS older than me. He was in a Spike Lee movie when he was 13 (major street cred). And his real sister will sometimes guest star as his twin sister. One of my favorite songs of theirs “If I Didn’t Have You” isn’t on You tube. But if you go on the Sesame Street Web site and look under “Getting along with others”, you can find it. (I just couldn’t link to it.)

Hubbs and I like to talk about how him and Leela need to get out of the friend zone. Because they’re both adorable and fantastic and should have imaginary muppet babies together. Ohmygod did I just say that out loud?

Leela is in the pink (bottom left). Totally adorable. Awesome singing voice. I totally want to take Chris out for a beer and get him to dish on all the crazy crap Elmo and Cookie Monster get into.  Also? Seeing Alan in a CVS commercial as a pharmacist totally weirded me out. HE WORKS AT HOOPER’S PEOPLE. Sorry Alan. Pigeon-holed for life.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

I cheated. Samuel L. Jackson is not on a children’s TV show nor a talking head on TV. But he’s on my list because I want him to come to my house and read this (adult) bedtime story to me. Because I giggle and nod my head every time I listen to this. (We’ve been having marathon bedtime delay tactics recently. If I weren’t living it, it would be amazingly hilarious.)

3. Jon Stewart

I’m sorry.

Do I have to explain this?


Funny + smart + snarky + salt & pepper hair = way sexy.

4. Dr. Scott the paleontologist (from “Dinosaur Train”)

Hubbs likes to tease me about Dr. Scott. He thinks we’d be a cute couple. I think my ego would be crushed, because he can correctly pronounce all the dinosaur names and tell Sean the correct dinosaur type. Bad enough that I’ve got a 3-year-old who corrects my pronunciation and identification of a plastic gallimimus — excuse me for thinking it was something simple like a velociraptor!

Also, I defy all of you to look through our bin of dinosaurs and get Sean his Argentinosaurus at bedtime. Oh, and elasmasaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus, and iguanadon. And heaven help you if you bring an einiosaurus instead.

I was going for five, but my brain just melted. Four it is! What TV characters amuse you?

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2 comments on “TV Personalities Will Rot Your Brain

  1. slanger1 says:

    Love all of these! I totally agree that Chris and Leela should “hook up” (or whatever it is young people do nowadays :). And I agree, Dr. Scott is Dr. Hott!

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