The Magic Of The Second Child

When we decided it was time for Sean to give up the binky (he wasn’t going to do it willingly), it took a total of three weeks to totally wean him off of it. (Story here) We fought tooth and nail to do it too. (3-hour struggles just to get him to nap.)

On night 2 of “Operation Bye-Bye Binky” with Allie, this is what happened:

  1. She laid down in bed and cuddled with one of her baby dolls.
  2. I handed her the 3 cut binkies (with more cut off than the night before).
  3. She dropped said binkies on the mattress next to her.
  4. She hugged her baby and closed her eyes.
  5. She went to sleep.

That’s it. No crying. No fussing. No throwing things at me. Its kind of like she just sighed and said “OK, whatever” and was over it.

And, at nap time on Wednesday, when they gave her the cut binky at day care, she popped it in her mouth, pulled it out, said “yuck”, and gave it back to her teacher. They put it on her cot, just in case she wanted it, but she never did. And although it took her a little bit longer to fall asleep, she napped with no issue.

I was bracing for several hard, tantrum-filled nights. I was ready to dodge toys, binkies, and whatever she could get her hands on. Because that’s what it was like with Sean. He and I once engaged in a THREE HOUR battle of wills because he didn’t like the cut binky and wouldn’t nap. Until he fell asleep from exhaustion. And then this second child comes along and just kinda decides on the second night that whatever. I don’t need it anyway. Goodnight!

Except that I just talked to Hubbs and she had a regular binky in her mouth this morning. Clever little squirrel had one hidden somewhere in her crib. Which means I’m ransacking her room tonight.

But honestly, I’m not really worried about it. This is the same kid that, around 12 months old when she was off formula, decided that since her brother was using a sippy cup, she wanted one too. And that was the end of the bottle. Just. Like. That. (I had to snip the nipple of Sean’s bottle to make him give it up. He retaliated by refusing to drink milk for a good 5 months.)

Also? She’s starting to self potty train. At least, she’s interested in the potty because her brother is potty training. This means that when he’s going pee, SHE wants to sit on the potty next. Without her diaper. And then uses up 1/4 of the roll of toilet paper to “wipe” herself (aka shoving the TP into the toilet bowl and barely touching her skin). And when she’s done, she flushes the toilet, says “bye-bye!” to the TP, throws her hands in the air and says “I pee-pee!” At that time, everyone must burst into applause and tell her how wonderful she is — she is — and what a big girl she is — I can’t believe its happening already.

And that monkey-see, monkey do thing is the magic of the second child. She idolizes her brother. And what he does, is the coolest. And while that can be infuriating at times (thanks for teaching her to spit, gah), it also makes other things a million times easier.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a room to scour.



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  1. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    Hi, I love your posts!!! You are a gifted writer. I totally enjoy reading your posts. Thank you, Juliette


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