Mushy Brain = Bullet Points!

Lots of things are going on these days and I’ve got “this” much time to blog. Not to mention that my brain is fried from staying up too late all week. So bullet points! Weee!!!!

  • We’re breaking Allie of the binky 100% this week. (At present, she only got the binky at nap time and bed time.)
  • I’m trimming the nipple on the binkies, which is what I did with Sean.
  • Last night, she threw them at me, then cried for 20 minutes before falling asleep.
  • Sean’s school/day care has brought a gymnastics class to the campus. Every Wednesday, he gets to jump around and go through the little course they set up for him. He loves it. Allie is super jealous, because she can’t participate until she turns 2.
  • I took the kids to the doctor for their well checks yesterday. Allie jumped up to the 30th percentile for height, but fell to the 8th percentile for weight. Since she eats more than her brother (and a wider variety of foods), the doctor isn’t worried. “She’s just going to be petite,” she says. I don’t call her Mighty Mouse for nothing, folks.
  • Sean’s in the 58th percentile for weight (33.8 lbs — amazing, considering all the colds/stomach flus he’s had this year), and 47th percentile for height. He wowed the doctor by saying “Hi doctor” when she walked in and telling her his favorite dinosaur is a “brack-ee-a-saurus” aka brachiosaurus.
  • He also impressed her by telling her “I have to go potty” during his exam, and by making it to the bathroom in time.
  • Potty training is going really well. For once, peer pressure worked for the good, because the boy had no interest in it until he moved to the 3’s room — where there are no diapers and everyone goes in the potty.
  • I tried to sweeten the potty training deal by buying him Cars and Toy Story-themed underwear.
  • We’re trying to teach/get him to poop in the potty. Hubbs has taken control in this regard, and so every night, he and the boy watch YouTube videos of animals pooping. Because everybody poops.
  • And then they found THIS video. Which launched a NEW discussion that we hadn’t anticipated: We don’t eat poop. EVER. And we don’t play with poop.
  • Sean thought the gorillas eating poop was hilarious. Mom was not so amused. Oh to be 3.
  • Ohmygurd.
  • The headsmack Hubbs gave himself for the gorilla video was priceless.
  • Also on YouTube: You can see a snake poop. I hate snakes. They are probably my top phobia. I H-A-T-E snakes. I was so grossed out by the video I nearly yacked. But the boy is very interested and scientific about it. “Mommy, even SNAKES poop. He poops on the floor. Sean poops in the potty.”
  • On Saturday I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was on for my sinus infection.
  • I got a rash.
  • A horrible, body-covering, plaquey-looking rash. Just in time for family pictures.
  • Luckily, it never hit my face.
  • I’ve got 4 more days of antibiotics left and I CAN ACTUALLY BREATHE.
  • Unfortunately, it feels like I got punched in the nose. Actually, it kinda looks that way too, cause the bridge of my nose is all puffy and sore. I wonder why it’s like that.
  • Massaging it kinda feels good. In a hurt way. And now my face is all oily. Fabulous.
  • After the kids’ doctor appointment yesterday, I bought them toys. Because they had to get shots. And shots are no fun. Sean picked out dinosaur toys and a car. Allie picked out a car and a baby.
  • Allie is obsessed with babies. There are a couple new ones in her room at day care and she LOVES them. She likes to give them bottles and hand them toys. But she mostly just points and tells me “baby.”
  • After I got her locked into the car seat and handed her the baby, she hugged it, called it “baby”, and kissed it on the lips before saying “love you.” (sounds like “yuv yoo.”)  And then my cold, black heart shattered into a million pieces and I turned into a puddle of goo.
  • That baby got about 20 kisses in the 2 minutes it took us to get home.
  • Both kids are into kissing right now. Sean will now pucker up on demand. Its adorable.
  • He melted hearts on Saturday. He kissed his great-grandma twice before we left and told her he loved her. I think one of my aunts got verklempt at that one. (Who’s the favorite great-grandchild?!)
  • Allie didn’t give real kisses, but she blew kisses and said “love you.”

And I think that about covers it. Happy almost Friday, ya’ll.


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