Perchance To Dream

Dear Science,

Is there anything you can do so I don’t have to sleep? My life would be so much easier if I could use those extra hours for something other than laying still in a bed. I would be infinitely more productive. And my house would be a lot cleaner.

So if you could hurry up and get on that, I’d appreciate it.


I am most productive after 10:30 p.m.

Why, do you ask? Because everyone else is asleep. There are no distractions. No kids pulling on my legs demanding juice or bread or French toast or eggs. No kids demanding that I carry them around (ahem, Allison) as I do whatever it is I’m trying to do — essentially making everything take twice as long because I’m short one hand. Because dinner has already been made and eaten and Hubbs isn’t asking when I’m going to be done already and come sit down to spend some time with him.

There is no guilt after 10:30.

I don’t feel like I’m neglecting anyone by pulling on the gloves and doing dishes. I’m not blocking anyone’s view of the TV while I clean up the living room. I’m not getting in anyone’s way if I go into a room five times for five different things, because I’m a spaz and my brain just works that way sometimes.

It’s quiet after 10:30.

I turn the TV off, and cut the lights except for the most necessary. Maybe open a window to hear the crickets chirping. The neighbors are all in bed, tucked away in their homes, lights out. Its dark on our street and no cars can be seen or heard.

The time after 10: 30 belongs to me.

Its the time I allow myself to daydream, to remember, and reflect. Sure, I usually do it with rubber gloves and a sink full of suds, but its my time nonetheless. Sometimes I have a cup of tea while I work, other times I’ll reheat a cup of coffee to help keep me moving. I can get mad about things after 10:30 without the repercussions of witnesses or taking it out on someone and go to bed calm. I can think of our lives and plan. Mentally work around obstacles.

And then fall into bed, exhausted.

Would I benefit from more sleep? Yes. Would I like more sleep? Yes. But I’d also like to not have to clean my house and for my side of the room to be less of a dumping ground (my fault entirely). But until cleaning fairies fly out of my posterior, its not going to happen.

One of these days, I’ll work exercise into that routine as well. As in soon. I just need to work out the logistics of it …


Well, on to Plan C …

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