It Means No Worries

Watching songs on YouTube is kind of like a national past time in our house. Both kids love it and demand it daily. And as parents, we’re forced to go through our memories — OK I’m probably the only one to do this — to find songs from children’s movies we think would amuse them.

Right now the monkey/King Louie song from “The Jungle Book” is a big hit with Allie. And the “I like to move it, move it” song from Madagascar is guaranteed to get the two of them dancing. (I really need to record them.) But probably No. 1 on our list these days are from The Lion King.

“Circle of Life” is a slam dunk because of all the animals it shows. The kids care less about the song and more about identifying the different animals popping up on the screen. But “Hakuna Matata” is different. It’s catchy, has easily regurgitated lyrics, and has a warthog that farts.

It’s toddler gold.

Sean’s favorite part is when Simba, Timon, and Pumba are walking across the log singing “Hakuna matata” endlessly, wagging their heads from side-to-side as the movie shows the passage of time and Simba growing up. He usually bobs his head in such an exaggerated way that its a small miracle he hasn’t whacked his melon against a wall or the desk or his sister.

I snuck up on him the other day when I heard him singing. And so now you get to see it too.

I crack up every time he says “philosophy.”

Now I have to get him singing/dancing to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” — the Spanish version!

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