Veggie Boxes = My Version of “Chopped”

Whenever Hubbs and I watch “Chopped” on the Food Network and they open their baskets to see what’s inside, he always, ALWAYS looks at me and says “SMOOTHIE” — that’s what he would make for every meal if he were on that show.  Hubbs doesn’t cook and he loves our Vitamix blender. So naturally, a smoothie is the answer.  (It’s also ridiculously funny to think of a smoothie made with basket ingredients like mackerel, quoinoa, sesame seeds, and jelly beans. Blech.)

I recently signed up for bimonthly deliveries of organic vegetables and fruits (man do I sound crunchy), and the experience has been … enlightening. As in, sometimes I have to figure out what the heck to do with some of those bad boys. Opening the box is kind of like opening that basket on “Chopped”. You may have no idea how to use what’s inside.

Like this week, I got 1 bunch of radishes and about 6 bunches/heads of bok choy. Confession #1: I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a regular radish. I’ve had daikon radishes in several dishes, but never plain, regular radishes. Confession #2: I’m not a bok choy fan. (I know. They just revoked my Asian card.)

So I consulted my good friend the Internet, who told me radishes are peppery tasting and aside from being chopped up and put into a salad bar, the classic preparation is with softened butter and a sprinkling of salt.

I’m going to try it tonight to see if I like it.

Other preparations included braising and roasting. By the way — roasting is kind of my new favorite method for all vegetables. Don’t know what to do with this thing? ROAST IT. Olive oil + salt + pepper + garlic + Parmesan cheese = amazingness. (And yes, I just made up a word.)

But I have no idea what I’m going to do with the boy choy. Oh sure, I could go Asian style, throw it in a stir-fry, or saute it with a metric ton of mashed garlic, some chicken broth, and some white pepper, then cornstarch the heck out of it to make a sauce. I could throw it into soup or use it as an ingredient in won tons — if it were soup-eating weather. I could even saute it whole in the pot, then drizzle it with sesame oil and sesame seeds.

But I don’t want to.

I want to try something different. Get a different flavor profile out of it. Go non-Asian with it for once.

I’ve thought of roasting it. Of using the leaves only and shredding it like cabbage for a slaw. Or braising it in a sauce with bacon and red wine vinegar.

Or I could put it in a smoothie. You never know, it might taste good.

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One comment on “Veggie Boxes = My Version of “Chopped”

  1. Cool, I love radishes, but they are hard to use as an actual ingredient in things. Bok choy tastes great, but yeah… other than stir fry (shrug). Have fun!

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