I’ve been remiss on photos recently. Call it laziness. I’ve had a recipe post waiting in the wings for two weeks because I haven’t pulled the photos off my camera yet. And it NEEDS pictures. So it sits.


It’s Friday and I’m thinking about pictures, so here are some from the past month or so.

I bought a ton of balloons for the boy’s birthday, and on the morning of his party, we turned the fan on, pumped the Toddler playlist on Pandora, and danced like mad fools. It was awesome.

Finger painting on canvas is EXCITING, people. It is the coolest thing ever. Especially when mom says its OK to make a mess.

All kids love Play-Doh. I kinda hate it now. They try to eat it. Throw it. Run away with it. But man does it make them happy. Also, if you ever gift my kids Play-Doh, I’ll gift yours Crayola colored bubbles. You do not want colored bubbles.

The coolest uncle in the world. In. The. World. The kids adore him. Above, I think I just scolded him because Sean was dipping himself backward and looked like he almost fell off. Something along the lines of: “Dude. I never dropped you, so you better not drop my baby.” (We’re almost 8 years apart, and I swear, I never dropped my little brother. Ever. Ahem.)

“What? Drop him? As if!”

“If he hits the ground, its my cousin’s fault.” (They were joking. Sean certainly enjoyed it.)

Getting the kids to sit still, together, smile, and look toward the camera required fruit snacks, hugs, kisses, and mommy dancing like an idiot next to the cameraman.

And then they took pictures at day care — think school pictures when you were a kid. And they did this:

And this. (Squee!)

He’s POSING. And smiling. At the camera. And it’s not blurry. I have no idea how the photographer got him to do it, but kudos, lady. I bow before your magnificence.  (I also want whatever you obviously slipped into their juice.)

My brain pretty much burst when I saw this one.  He has his arm around her. And again with the smiling and posing! (Also, her hair isn’t THAT light — I think its the scanner.)

Anyhoo — happy Friday!

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  1. Erin says:

    Awww they’re so cute!

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