An Extra Mother’s Day “Gift”

So Sean got me an extra-special Mother’s Day gift: At 2 a.m. on Monday he threw up — while asleep — and (quasi) woke-up screaming. After I cleaned him up, he fell back asleep on his changing table while I did damage control in the dark. In the morning, I called in sick to work and took him to the drop-in hour at our pediatrician.

Turns out he has a virus on top of his allergies. And he (naturally) got it from day care. For being extra good at the doctor’s office and for putting up with me slowly trolling up and down the aisles of Whole Foods afterward, I bought him a toy when we went to Walgreens for more saline (for his nose) and Claratin.

He’s been obsessed with Toy Story 2 lately. He hasn’t even seen the first one yet. But he loves Buzz and Woody. (I’ve got to get him on video saying “to infinity and beyond!”) Ages ago, Hubbs found a Buzz action figure at the park, brought it home, cleaned it up, and put it in a toy bin. Sean hass never really played with it. Until this week, when he walked by and jolted to a stop. “Buzz?” he asked softly, picking it up. “BUZZ! MOMMY?! MOMMY!! IT’S BUZZ!”

Guess what toy we found at Walgreens: Woody. Complete with removable (read: lost every 5 minutes) hat. I thought the kid was going to lose his mind when he saw it. We went home, reunited the two friends and spent the rest of the day cuddled on the couch, watching Toy Story 2 and talking about his new toys.

It was the highlight of my week, that cuddle time. And let me tell you — that kid is a cuddling PRO. He sits across my lap, curls along my side, and lays his head on my shoulder and sighs with contentment when I wrap my arms around him and squeeze gently.

Someday when he’s a teenager and tells me that he hates me or that I’ve ruined his life, I’m going to think back on this day, on the time in his life when just cuddling with Mommy made everything better — for the both of us.

And did I mention that I caught the bug he had? Of course I did.

In other news:

  • Allie had her first time-out this week. I was tired of her flailing, kicking, screaming, and all-around losing her shit whenever I had to change her diaper or clothes. So I laid her in her crib, gave her a binky, and told her that I would come back when she calmed down. Then I walked away, standing outside her door so she could see me. “Allie? I called. “If you calm down, Mommy will come back. Can you calm down, please?” She did — almost immediately. After giving her a kiss, hug, and telling her that she was a good girl and I loved her, she cooperated and  let me get her into a clean diaper, pajamas, and slathered with lotion without further incident.
  • Sean’s nose was so stuffy last night he was having problems breathing. I took him into the bathroom and steamed it up while rocking him back and forth in my arms. It brought me back to when he was little and we had to go through that ritual nearly every two hours.
  • That boy is all arms and legs, although he still feels like a sack of potatoes when he falls asleep in your arms and his body just hangs as it leans against you.
  • Speaking of sleep, I’m exhausted.
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2 comments on “An Extra Mother’s Day “Gift”

  1. Erin says:

    Smart time-out method! It makes me happy when I see parenting that works without being harsh and mean.

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