My Daughter The Heartbreaker

There are some things you don’t expect to hear about your 15-month-old daughter from day care, such as her growing horns or having crying jags all day long. The other thing we never expected to hear: She kissed a boy yesterday afternoon. On the lips.

Imp. Pixie. Heart breaker?

Part of the story came out after I asked how the kids did at day care/school when I got home from work yesterday. I was snuggling with Allie, who was giving me one of her patented, magical, make-your-heart-burst hugs, when Hubbs said: “She kissed a boy today.”


Oh yeah. She kissed him. On the lips. She grabbed his face, and gave him a smackaroo. A lip lock. A wet one, no doubt, since her kisses mean she places her open mouth on your cheek or lips and says “mmm”.

I should mark it on the calendar: March 15, 2012: 15-month-old Allie kisses her first boy.

I pressed Hubbs for more information, such as WHO she specifically kissed, but that was all he knew. Aside from the fact that her teachers were vastly amused by the kiss.

I turned to my daughter and looked into her brown eyes. “You kissed a boy?”

She giggled and turned her head away, then dipped back to me.

“Who’d you kiss?”

She giggled again and gave me one.

“OK, I won’t press you,” I said, kissing her cheek, “but you can tell me, you know.”

More giggles.

Turning on the charm.

Today, as I walked into the toddler room at day care, all the teachers looked up and called “Allie!” with big smiles and waves. Do you see the picture on the right? THAT is the smile she gave them.

“I heard someone kissed a boy yesterday,” I mentioned, and they all tittered and giggled.

“It was the cutest thing EVER,” one of them gushed.

“Who did she kiss?” I asked, looking around.

“Ames,” she replied. (I have no idea who that is.) “He was actually kind of annoying her. He was patting her on the back and he started to poke at her, so she walked away and he followed her. Once he caught up to her, she turned around, grabbed him by the cheeks, pulled him in, and kissed him!”

They all broke out into laughter.

“And then she walked away again And he just stood there for a second, trying to figure it out. It was so adorable!”

Her favorite dress. For now.

Apparently she was also very full of herself yesterday — she kept showing her main teacher her dress, sparkly tights, and shoes.

This kid loves dresses. She’ll walk to her open closet, stroke her dresses and coo at them. She loves shoes too — the bunny boots she’s wearing in the first picture? She picked those out herself at the mall and wouldn’t put them down.

When you put her in a dress, the first thing she does is test out the swish factor: She’ll put her arms at her sides, fingertips pointing up, and twist from side to side at the waist, making the skirt flare out around her.

The wider the flare, the bigger her smile.

She looks like a pixie ballerina when she does it, and it cracks me up to no end.

But back to that kiss: I think it shook Hubbs up a little bit.

I mean, this is his baby girl. And she’s kissed a boy. He jokingly said that he’s going to have a long talk with her brother, since they’ve been talking about this since the day she was born: Hubbs wants Sean to keep tabs on his sister and give him a heads-up if anyone is interested in her or vice versa.


And in this case, her brother didn’t give Dad any warning. Aside from being vastly amused by this — the kids are in separate rooms after all — it was rather endearing.

It made me think of when the kids are older, and how we’ll worry when they start hanging out with other kids, going to sleepovers, and dances, and all the hoopla that goes with it.

About how he’ll worry about his darling baby girl being out there in the open with the wolves. How he really will want her brother to keep an eye on her. To make sure she’s safe. To protect her. How we both will want to do the same.

And let’s not forget the boy here: Every day while we drive to day care he tells me who he’s going to play with that day. And then yesterday, out of the blue, he said:

“Ashley and GiGi are pretty.”

I’ve been hearing about these two girls for weeks. They’re part of his group, and apparently he and Ashley hold hands on the playground sometimes. And they know who I am, because when I walked into the room to pick him up for a doctor’s appointment the other day, Ashley said “hi” then turned to the back of the class and called: “Sean?! You Mommy’s here!”

Man do they grow up fast.


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