I’ve been hibernating. Or hiding. Whichever you prefer. Either way, its been seriously crazy around our house recently and I haven’t had the time or energy to write — even though I’ve been bursting with material.

Which is why man invented bullet points. Onward!

  • We are ending the end of Week 1 at the new day care, and so far so good. Today Allie didn’t cry AT ALL when I dropped her off. While Sean was still upset, he wasn’t hysterical, and that is good too.
  • The kids seem to really like it there too. Lots of stimulation. Lots of things to do. Lots of other kids. For Allie, I think its exhilarating. For Sean, overwhelming. Yet he has a ton of fun. He loves playing outside on their playground and is very attached to two of the teachers. When Hubbs picks him up, he’s always doing an activity with the other kids and is very happy. I can’t even describe the relief.
  • The two teachers he’s attached to? Miss Molly is an adorable brunette. Miss Kaitlyn is blond and blue-eyed. Apparently he’s big on cuddling with them. Hubbs is very proud.
  • On Wednesday, he waved and said “bye-bye Me Mowwie” (Bye-bye Miss Molly), which resulted in big waves and smiles from her. The dog.
  • Allie smiles and claps and then runs into our arms when we come to pick her up. Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.
  • She said “apple” clear as a bell the other morning. Then stole two slices from her brother’s plate.
  • I found the most insanely cute pair of booties for her: Pink fuzzy bunny booties. They’re incredibly ridiculous and I love them. If they made adult versions, I would wear them around the house and drive Hubbs INSANE with them. And I can’t find a picture online anywhere. Must remember to take a picture this weekend!
  • Both kids are eating more each night. I think its because they’re expending so much more energy at the new day care.
  • I got a new purse/commute bag/diaper bag and it is faboo.
  • Riding BART in the rain kinda sucks. The trains take on this wet, musty, moldy smell. Its even better when the air conditioner/fans don’t work.
  • All the hand washing I’m doing = lizard skin. Stupid dry winter air. I swear, the four of us keep Aveeno in business.
  • I made corned beef for dinner earlier this week just so I could make corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast on Saturday.
  • We are officially formula-free in the house. That sound you hear? Me dancing around with all the $$ we’ll save because of it! (Hooray for regular milk!)
  • This weekend is going to be jam packed. And I’m getting a visit from my least-favorite aunt for it. Fabulous.
  • Trying to plan a weekend getaway is much harder than I remember.
  • Doctor’s orders: I need more vitamin D.
  • I also have “mild” sleep apnea. The guy who came over to set up my machine? Said the No.1 comment from women is: I didn’t have sleep apnea until I had kids. He guesses its because we’re always half-listening for our kids. Even while we sleep. That “mother hearing” everyone jokes about? Totally true.
  • Sleep apnea means I get one of those machines with the face mask. I’m not digging my current mask. I feel like I’m being attacked by a face-hugger all night.

And on that thought, later!


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One comment on “Blink

  1. Erin says:

    Sleep apnea? Ugh … Have a good weekend, doll.

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