Happy Birthday, Princess

Dear Allie,

Today you are 1.  It sounds so cliche, but time has flown by. I can’t believe its been a year. It seems like only a month ago that I was in the hospital, being induced, and you came flying into this world. You’ve matured from a lovely little lump into a gorgeous little girl.

Yes, I just called you gorgeous.

She's 1!

Because you are. But its not just your looks, its your personality: You are luminous. Your smiles stop strangers in their tracks and melt the hearts of those who love you. You’re like bottled sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and glitter. You’ve recently become extra playful, and your laughter is like nothing I’ve ever experienced — your whole face scrunches up and you look like a little imp, yet the sound is pure joy. Its infectious, and your brother will run over to see what is so hilarious.

And your brother? Adores you. The two of you are cavity-inducing in your sweetness toward one another. You give each other kisses and hugs and smile before going back to whatever you were doing. He gives you toys to play with, whether you’ve asked for them or not, yet is a typical brother and will confiscate toys of yours that he likes. Luckily, you don’t seem to mind.


Don’t even get me started on your father. At the slightest cry, he comes running. The advantage of not being a crier, I suppose. But I can tell already: You know the power of puffing out your lower lip and looking sad with slightly teary eyes. He’s helpless against it. I think my challenge as you get older will be teaching him to resist it. I’m just hoping you don’t abuse it in the meantime.

As for me, I adore you. One of my favorite times of the day is coming into your room to wake you up. You open your eyes with a smile and a giggle. If we lived in a Disney movie, small fuzzy animals would be frolicking and tweeting in large swoops above your head and singing with you. You’re also especially cuddly in the morning with your bottle, and I cherish that time.

You’re also “all girl” in so many ways: You love clothes. Specifically dresses. You’ll crawl to your closet and touch the frilled confections hanging there, pulling them off their hangars if I leave you alone long enough. If I hold you in front of your closet and ask what you want to wear, you invariably reach for a dress, your smile wide. You also love dolls. Baby dolls specifically. You smile and hug them and kiss their noses. If you’re sitting in a shopping basket, you circle them with your arms and babble at them. You cuddle with them in bed and in the car.

You’re getting the biggest kick out of walking. You CAN walk, by the way — you just haven’t realized it yet. Just tonight, you ran after a cat toy, taking about 10 steps in the process. Then you stopped — completely shocked — dropped down and speed crawled out of the room and around the corner, giggling the entire time. You do that a lot now. You’ll be doing something, like crawling onto the couch, onto your lion toy, onto a plastic bin, over your brother, and you’ll stop and look absolutely shocked that you just accomplished it. I think its a glimpse into your head — that you’ve been wanting to do those things for so long and now that you can do them, you’re just giddy.  And its contagious. I’m giddy with you.

Its been a fabulous year, kiddo. I’m looking forward to discovering the world with you.

Love you Sweetie Pie,


Only a few hours old.

1 month old.

2 months old.

3 months old.

4 months old.

5 months old.

6 months old.

7 months old.

8 months old.

9 months old.

10 months old.

11 months old.

12 months old.

Happy birthday, baby.

Cutie Pie.

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