Friday Dreaming

I’m bouncing all over the place today, which means LISTMANIA.

When I say that, or think it, I always start singing that song from the “Tiny Toons” cartoon with the Tazmanian Devil. Do you remember that?

“Come to Tazmania … down in Tazmania … where topsy meets turvy and they start to spin, like a Tazmanian Devil and his closest kin!”

No? Maybe this will jog your memory:

That thing is guaranteed to get stuck in your head all afternoon. Or give you seizures.

Either way, YOU’RE WELCOME.

On to the lists!

List 1: Cleaning-Related Projects:

  1. I need to purge: The house is overflowing with STUFF and we need a serious purge. Christmas AND Allie’s 1st birthday are racing toward us and I have the feeling that we’re gonna be on “Clean House” if we don’t trim some of the fat — and quick.
  2. Things that need to be organized: The refrigerator & freezer (I bought bins weeks ago and never got around to the organizing), the pantry, my desk area (good lord!), and my clothes/dresser/closet. I need to go through my things with a VERY critical eye, especially since I only seem to wear 5%-10% of my clothes on a regular basis.
  3. I need to switch out (translation: take apart one and re-assemble another — no wonder I’m procrastinating!) Allie’s crib with the convertible one we bought for Sean. This would clear up space in the house (his old crib is blocking my desk right now), and allow me to get rid of yet another piece of furniture.
  4. I need to clean the furnace filter, wipe down the intake, and sweep and mop the floors.
  5. The kitchen fairy needs to come to my house and clean.

List 2: Fun-Related Projects

  1. I’m looking forward to putting up the tree with both kids. Although the thought kind of makes me twitch as I imagine the two of them trying to climb it, I know they’ll love the lights and ornaments.
  2. I get to plan the Princess’s 1st birthday party. And try to wedge it in so it’s not too close to either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Oofdah.

List 3: If I won $100 million, I would …

  1. Pay off the house.
  2. Pay all the bills.
  3. Move into a hotel (or my parents’ house) while we … add a second story onto our house and re-arrange the first floor into an open-concept with bamboo floors and a kitchen with an island. (drool!)
  4. Finish off the children’s play area of the backyard.
  5. Do other charitable things — especially for family.
  6. Save/invest 99% of the rest — setting up trust funds, college funds, and house funds for the kids and a  retirement fund and savings fund for us.
  7. Buy Hubbs a swanky sports car. Then refuse to let him drive it. Because have you ever been  a passenger in his car? Yeah …
  8. Sell No. 7 and get him his own box for the next 20 years of A’s games instead. (Save the $$ I have left over.)
  9. Go on vacation. For at least a month.

Happy Friday!


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