Baby Love

Here’s something light-hearted to end your week with: My baby loves her doll. (And its NOT evil!)

Last weekend, Hubbs promised Allie he would get her a toy of her choosing because … well, I don’t remember why. Possibly because she was such an angel despite being sick as all get-out during the week. So at Target, he picked her up and carried her into the doll aisle, trying to see if anything sparked her interest.

He was pointing out some mini Cabbage Patch Kids “costume” dolls to her when I saw one that was separate from the rest. It was dressed as a frog — and she loves the color green. So I held it up, asking “what about this one?”

She turned and immediately reached out to the doll, clasped it to her chest, and gave it kisses. She held it and babbled at it as we walked to the cash register, and wouldn’t let it go — so we tore the tags off — and let her hold it. She kept smiling at us and at it as we rode down the elevator, while we walked to the car, and while we buckled her into her car seat.

She sleeps with it. When she wakes up, she holds it while I change her diaper and clothes. When she gets home from day care, the first thing she does is crawl over and give it a kiss.

We call it her baby.


I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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One comment on “Baby Love

  1. Jason Leary says:

    Reminder of why I was trying to pick out a toy for her that day: She said Dada to me for the first time that weekend. I think that warrants a little something special for her.

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