Hubbs and I have been married for five years today. FIVE. YEARS.

How did that happen?

More mind-blowing is, how did we fit so much life into that seemingly short time span?

So in honor of the Hubbs, here are 5 things that make my heart melt:

5.  The way you remember all the small, sentimental things in our relationship.
4. The way you swoop in like a White Knight as soon as Allie starts to cry, pick her up, and bounce around the house while giving her kisses until she stops.
3. The way you wag your eyebrows at me when you make bad/dirty jokes.
2. The way you look as soon as you open the door when you get home: Like a child on Christmas morning.
1. The way you make me laugh every day, and always find some silly yet touching way to show me you love me.

Happy anniversary, Hubbs!

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