Parental Escapes

It seems a little ridiculous that I am this excited about Friday night: For the first time in more than 2.5 years, the Hubbs and I will be spending an entire evening and morning alone. And then we’re doing it again next week.

Folks, we’ve called out the big guns: Grandma and Grandpa. They will be staying at our house overnight while we celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary with dinner out and a night in a swanky local hotel.

The kids will not miss us.

Seriously, mom and dad don’t really exist except to change diapers and provide food when my parents are around.

Grandparents are rock stars in our house. They have that whole “spoiling the grandkids” thing down to an art.

It’s gonna be ice cream sundaes and cookies for dinner, followed by games of chase, hide-and-go-seek, the flying squirrel drop, and god only knows what else before the two of them fall into an exhausted heap.

And then the kids will wake them up like this:

I think this move is programmed into little boys' DNA.

And they’ll do it all over again.

On the other end, Hubbs and I will be dining solo, and returning to our swank hotel room to relax. (Imagine violins softly playing in the background. Oh the relaxation!) I am also SO SLEEPING IN on Saturday. Really. Because I haven’t done it in 2.5 years. And I miss it. Deeply. Then we’re going to have breakfast at a nice restaurant before returning home.

I’ll still leave a 100-page opus on the kids and how to get to the doctor/hospital/dosages/operating instructions for the kids (I’m OCD like that); but hot damn, I’m having a date night with the Hubbs and I’m totally stoked.

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