What do we watch in our household? A lot of kid programming. Here are some of our regulars. And yes, I’m only posting these because I’ve got 99% of them stuck in my head right now.

1. Grover’s “Be My Echo” with Madeline Kahn
To be perfectly honest, I love this one. I have a soft spot for Grover, and both Sean and Allie light up when they watch this. Also new: Sean tries to be Grover’s echo. Hilarious I tell you.

2. “We All Sing With The Same Voice”
Its an ear worm. A really annoying ear worm. Hubbs hates this song, and makes up his own lyrics — I really hope the boy isn’t paying attention, because the improvised lyrics usually contain words I don’t want him to learn yet.

3. Beaker’s “Ode To Joy”
I can always tell when things start to go haywire in the video (poor Beaker) because you can hear Sean laughing from across the house.

4. Dinosaur Train’s “Dinosaurs A to Z”
A new way to learn the ABCs. Catchy as all get-out too.

5. Dr. Scott The Palentologist

Dr. Scott Sampson always has a segment after each “Dinosaur Train” episode. Every time he comes on, Sean point and says “Dah-or Ott!” Then we have to watch the segment 3-5 times (thank you DVR!).  We’ve also seen him on several National Geographic dinosaur shows. One more thing: In our house, he’s also known as “Mommy’s Boyfriend”. Mostly because Hubbs thinks its hilarious. THAT won’t get confusing in a year or two …

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