My Love/Hate Relationship With CraigsList

When I was pregnant with my son, I did what most new mothers do: I wanted everything new. New crib, furniture, baby gear, everything. We bought him a convertible crib, thinking we’d also use it when we eventually had No. 2. We asked for the moon — we really did — and because I have a ginormous family and fabulous friends, we pretty much got it. In fact, the only things we had that were used were “borrowed”: the infant seat and base (from one of my best friends, whose daughter had just outgrown it) and an infant bath tub.

It was an expensive endeavor.

When I got pregnant with my daughter, my son was still using his crib, changing table, changing pad, furniture, toys, everything. I didn’t want to have another baby shower either, because we already had so much and it felt … well … excessive. (No offense to anyone who had another baby shower! Sometimes it really IS needed. It just wasn’t the case with us.)

We were on a shoestring budget, but I had a vision that was more baby-blue box with a white bow — if you know what I mean. In the end, I got both: Thanks to Craigslist. And some elbow grease on my part.

We found:

  • A crib: Complete with mattress and a changing-table pad. The crib was made by a well-known, safety-conscious manufacturer; and
  • A dresser: From another expensive, well-known brand with dove-tailed drawers. It had an ugly navy blue top and matching drawer pulls. I switched out the drawer pulls, painted the top lavender, and reinforced the drawer bottoms; (Pictures here)
  • A bouncy seat for $20. All it needed was a good cleaning.

I’ve also recently sold:

  • An infant rocker;
  • My hands-free breast pump; and
  • Tons of unopened breastfeeding pads.

I’ve also straight-up given away packages of formula samples sent to me in the mail. (From a brand I don’t use.)

My newest purchase is a double jogging stroller. We actually bought a double stroller for the kids before our daughter was born and I love it. It’s a tandem-style stroller with a ton of possible configurations. My kids love it, and its comfortable. But sometimes we go places, like a park or trail, and its hard to push two kids in it off-road like that.  (Its still easier than some of the other strollers I tried, but not “easy”).

Enter my 4-month obsession with trolling CraigsList for a BOB Revolution Duallie.

I love BOBs. They turn on a dime, and handle bumps, cracks, and even sand with aplomb. The only reason we didn’t get it originally? When shopping with our single BOB with just our son, we sometimes had issues getting through doors/aisles in stores. So we went with sometime more everyday-friendly.

But back to the BOB Duallie: It retails for about $650. (The single revolutions retail for about $399.) CraigsList prices for the Duallie are usually $400 at the lowest for the Revolution Duallie — big difference there. The revolving front wheel instead of a fixed-front.  (The fixed-wheel models are cheaper.)

I got mine for $300. (Even better — I’m using some of the cash I got for my breast pump, so it’s “only” costing us $200.) It has a rip in the handlebar foam, so she knocked $25 off the price — but its an easy fix.

So where does the “hate” come in? The people. Especially when you’re selling something. People flake constantly and without notice. It’s super annoying.

But the rewards? They can be fantastic. You just have to be patient. And persistent.


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