What’s In Your First-Aid Kit?

I’m one of those “be prepared” kind of people. My husband likes to tease me about it, but I think my OCD in this matter is actually helpful.

This is my first-aid kit for the children. It’s actually a craft storage box that I got at The Container Store. (My unhealthy obsession with that place is a whole different post.) It has three tiers and oodles of room. (The picture is actually their “small” hobby box. I got the large one.)

I keep it on top of the refrigerator because its a central area in our house. I keep it like this because its portable and self-contained. Very handy. I also have a general first-aid kit that I bought from the Red Cross.

Here’s what I have:

Tier 1: The most-used items

  • Dye-free generic infant Tylenol (grape flavor. ALWAYS grape flavor. Trust me.);
  • Dye-free generic infant Advil (grape flavor);
  • Thermometer that I only use in the underarm area;
  • Infant gas relief drops;
  • Homeopathic infant gas relief dissolving tablets (Hylands brand);
  • Homeopathic infant gas relief drops; (can you tell we had some issues before?)
  • Homeopathic teething gel (Hylands brand);
  • Infant nail files; and
  • An assortment of medicine droppers.

Tier 2: First Aid

  • Blunt-nose scissors for cutting gauze or clothes;
  • Medical tape;
  • Tube of vaseline;
  • Assortment of band-aids;
  • Neosporin;
  • Hydrocortizone cream; and
  • Bite-relief stick.

Bottom tier: The Excess

  • Extra baby tylenol and advil;
  • Baby gripe water;
  • Tylenol suppositories (in case of severe vomiting);
  • Ace bandage;
  • Lanocane antibacterial first-aid spray;
  • Kleenex;
  • Children’s Benadryl;
  • Humphrey’s teething tablets (I’m very meh on these. You have to dilute them in water before giving them to the kids. I prefer Hylands); and
  • Vicks forehead temporal artery thermometer. (FYI: this is not as accurate as the underarm thermometer the hospital sends you home with, but its faster — think seconds instead of minutes. )

I also taped a list of the correct dose for each child for Tylenol and Advil to the inside lid. Its a great quick-glance reference. Just remember to update it regularly as your kids grow. (I make it a habit to update after every doctor’s appointment, because our doctor’s office writes in the correct dosage for each child’s weight on our take-home sheet.)

It’s also a great go-to guide for my husband and any babysitter if I’m not home.  To quote the Hubs: “You can’t find your car keys, but you can tell me the correct Tylenol dosage for both kids?”


I also recently bought a four-person first-aid kit/disaster kit from Amazon and added in some safety items of my own. I still need to get the 4 billion gallons of water to store (somewhere) in our garage, but I’m getting there. That reminds me, I also need to refresh/replenish our car first-aid/disaster kits. (Yes, KITS. One for each car.)

But that’s another post.

I’m curious: What is in your first-aid and disaster kits?

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One comment on “What’s In Your First-Aid Kit?

  1. Erin says:

    Oh girl, you know what’s in my first aid kit. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a good place to put all that stuff!

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