One Upped

Just when you thought something was awesome enough on its own, someone has to come along and say: “oh yeah? Check THIS out!” And really, sometimes what they do is totally freaking awesome.

I sent my little brother the video of the nubbin crawling and he went and did this. (Hint: Turn up the volume.)

The best part: When the Super Spouse came home at watched it on his computer, it turned into a mini dance party, because Allie rocked that song: Kicking her legs, waving her hands, and bobbing her head with a gigantic smile. Now I have to download it so we can rock out and record the mayhem for him.

Speaking of which: I’ve been meaning to catch the little spazoid known as my son dancing for about a week now because it is hi-lar-ious. It’s a cross between jumping, stomping, and a solo mosh pit. Set to a soundtrack of laughter.

He also makes you want to join him, because it looks so damn FUN.


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