Take crazy and strap it to a M-40 grenade

The nubbin? She’s not so small anymore. She started to crawl this weekend, after weeks of trying. All that hard work finally paid off, kiddo.

Its rather hilarious watching kids trying to figure out the concept of crawling. They see you and other kids moving around and their eyes get all big and their jaws gape. “How to they effing do that?” Is the clear thought, accompanied with one raised eyebrow. Then you start getting diabolical: You start putting toys just out of reach. And they reach and reach and reach. And then cry. Because they’re frustrated. Because they want the toy. And because Momma is so mean that she put it just out of reach.

So after a couple of minutes you do it again. And this goes on for days. Eventually, they figure out they can roll to the toys.

So you have these tiny infants, bobbing and weaving their heads and upper bodies all around trying to figure out just how they need to position themselves so they can roll to said toy. The entire time, they look like they’re about to tip over, like the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz” after his legs get stuck together.

And then, one day, they seem so tantalizingly close that you’re wondering how they haven’t figured it out yet. You can just tell: Their on the cusp of something great. So you lay them on their tummies and turn a video on for the oldest child and you happen to look down and … the little bugger is CRAWLING.

Crawling!! Like a soldier creeping his way through mud and under a barb-wire obstacle course. But crawling!

So you run outside and yell for the Super Spouse to get his butt inside because his princess is mobile and he comes running in like the A’s just won the World Series to watch. And what does she do?

She looks over one shoulder and smiles at him. And coos at him. And makes her adorable goo-goo eyes at him and is basically enamored with just watching him for the next five minutes and REFUSES TO MOVE. (Obviously because then she couldn’t melt his fuzzy heart with her looks of love.) And so he walks away, sad that he missed the moment, but knowing that she would have done it if he hadn’t been so darn distracting.

I would have taken videos of her anyway, but the fact that this was the first time he saw her do it made it all the more special.

(Side note: I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time trying to get this file into this post. In the end, I gave up on uploading and created a new YouTube account. It really shouldn’t have been that hard. It was a .mov file from my Apple Touch. Which I then turned into a Windows Media Player file. But neither this Web site nor Facebook would upload it.)


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