Baseball Daze

First Baseball Game: July 2, 2011

So we took the Peanut here to her first baseball game on Saturday. We had free tickets, since the game was also the site of the Hubb’s company picnic. We also brought the boy — in his new jersey and baseball hat — but I took his picture on a different camera and I haven’t downloaded those pictures yet. I know, mommy fail.

Anyhoo, the nubbin here and the boy child did FANTASTIC at the game. They were the cute kids at the game. As in, they behaved, allowed me to smear 1,000+ sunblock all over their little bodies, got a toy, fresh lemonade, and were all-around good. Sean was flirting with the girls, the girl child slept most of the time, and we left at the bottom of the fifth inning because it was past the kids’ bedtime and they were starting to get antsy.

We changed diapers and swapped clothes for pajamas at the car and drove him feeling rather smug about how well we all did. Now that the initial game is under our collective belts, we’re looking forward to attending a few more games this summer!

But that did I bring to the game, you ask? Well …

  • Two backpacks: One was our normal diaper bag with Allie’s thermos of warm water and formula mix, the other held the kids’ dinner (in a soft-sided cooler), emergency snacks, sippy cup, bottle, sweaters, pajamas, extra pants, and onesies.
  • A copy of the stadium policy for what was acceptable to bring in, including an e-mailed response from guest services, in case anyone gave me flack about bringing in a thermos of warm water for the girl. (They didn’t.)
  • A copy of the stadium map, with a list of restrooms with changing tables (not every bathroom has them).
  • Hats for each kid: baseball hat for Sean and a floppy yellow sun-hat for Allie.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Our ERGO baby carrier for Allie. This allowed her to take her late-afternoon power nap and gave me free hands while wandering the stadium.

I could have packed more — so much more — but I was trying to keep it light. As it was, the bare minimum was a lot to schlep around in addition to the kids.


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