The demon contraption as my OBGYN called it, is out! Hooray!

And can I just say that I love that woman? She is so freaking fantastic. As in, listening to what I’ve been going through and saying: Really? Well. You want the evil, demon contraption out then, yes? 

I love people who make me snicker.

Also, it was out in like 10 seconds. I appreciate efficiency like that, cause I hate the cold duck-bill thing. I didn’t even have time to answer her question about how the kids are doing and she’s snapping off the gloves and throwing her hands up like she just finished roping a calf in the rodeo. All done!

So now I get to be on the Pill again. And hopefully back to normal. Also, all the crazy periods/gushing craziness may mean that I’m slightly anemic right now.

So I’m on a Pill that is good for that type of thing, apparently. I’m also supposed to eat iron-rich foods (note to self: look up iron-rich foods), and “double up” on my pills for 4 months, which means no periods for 4 months! Yay! Why did the doctor tell me to double up? Because no bleeding = no losing iron.

And right now, I am ALL about not losing iron.


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