Little Things

Dear Munchkin,
Thank you. Thank you so much for your smile.
For the way your eyes crinkle at the corners when you’re amused.
For the way you squirm with your entire body fishtailing all over the place, limbs akimbo and back arched.
For the way you look at your brother when he’s running around like a crazy person.
For the way you smile at him after he gives you a hug and a kiss.

For the way you smile at me when I go into your room each morning.
For the way you snuggle against me and sigh with content when I bring you into my bed.
For the way you hold my hand when we’re cuddling.

For seamlessly adjusting to practically everything we throw at you.
For the way you have easily wrapped each of us around your little finger.
For the fact that you don’t abuse that ability. Yet.

For the way that you obviously love and worship your brother.
For the way that you smile at your father — like you’re seeing the sun for the first time.
For your mellowness. For your happiness. For your joy.

Most of all, thank you for your laughter.


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