Life Without The Binky (aka We Survived!!)

Can I get a Hallelujah?!

Two days before his second birthday, for the first time in his life, our little man slept without his binky. And the next afternoon, he napped without one. In all honesty, between the two? Nap time is harder. It takes him longer to fall asleep. It feels like we play a game of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” He wants to watch a video. He wants something to chew on (two-year molars can just suck it). And then he broke the teether — chewed off the top of it. So I had to fish the pieces out of his mouth while hoping he didn’t actually swallow any pieces (he didn’t. And how did I know that? I pieced the durn thing back together just to check.). Then he wants juice. And so it goes.

So in the end, I turn off his video. I turn on his mini fan. I give him a new teether and a sippy cup with water in it. I tell him to sleep and to stay in bed. Eventually, finally, he’s asleep. Each day is a bit better. The first week, he regularly fought me for two hours before finally falling asleep and napping. I put him down at 12:30 p.m. He fought me until 2:45, then slept until 4:30. That was our afternoon. The next week, he fought me for one hysterical hour. Progress via baby steps.

Now we’re much more manageable at about 30 minutes of keeping an eye on the monitor and walking him back to bed when he gets up. He’ll usually start crying on the way back to bed right before he goes to sleep.

And how did I cut out the binky? I cut it. Literally. A little bit each day when I was easing him off of it (3 days total). Cause I’m mean that way. Enter before and after shots!

Before (Yes, its purple.)
After (Cut to the nub)

One thing I’ve noticed is that he’s talking more. He’s also a bit more frustrated/whiny because before, he’d just pop the binky in and suck. Now he’s without his comfort device and isn’t quite sure what to do.

The good news is that he isn’t trying to take the Munchkin’s binky. He’ll pick it up, say “baby” and put it in her mouth, but the whole “that one is hers” thing is cemented in his mind — thank goodness.

UPDATE! Its been three weeks or so since we started this adventure, and he doesn’t even ask for the binky anymore, unless he’s really upset about something. At this time, I’ll usually say “you’re a big boy now — you don’t need a binky!” And he’ll think about it and then say “yeah” before moving on. In terms of comforting himself, we’ve had a few more tantrums than usual, but he’s more attached to toys now.

Case in point:

Meet Giraffe and Elephant, his new partners in crime. He met these two at Toys R Us this weekend while he and dad were trying to kill time while I got some real shopping down with a sleeping Munchkin.

When we told him it was time to go home, he said “yeah!”, then picked up Elephant by his ear and held Giraffe by wrapping an arm around his neck and walked to the register with them.

As in, my two-year-old half carried/half dragged two stuffed animals that are almost as tall as him halfway through a store to the register.

Luckily for us, they were 50% off, cause all we could do was watch him — jaws agape — until he got to the line. And at that point … well … I defy ANYONE to have the heart to tell him no.

This is how they rode home. And since then, they have to be in his bed with him when he goes to sleep. He hugs one of them in each arm and nestles down. It makes finding him in the video monitor even harder — yet the picture is so much more endearing. And in the morning, he pulls them out of bed and hauls them to the front room so they can watch “Dumbo” with him. (It’s his favorite movie, although it is called “choo-choo” in our house.)

And that is how our house turned into an animal safari.

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