Photo Essay

Our lives in pictures…

Buddy is fascinated with his sister. He’ll stop what he’s doing and call to her (he calls her “baby”) then walk over to give her his version of a kiss: Laying his cheek against her. 

The brother approaches his prey …

The Buddy kiss.

My grandparents with the Munchkin. They had 7 kids. SEVEN. Yet after returning her to me, my grandmother laughed and admitted she was scared of dropping her great-granddaughter. “I don’t know how I raised seven!” she joked. Me either.

Can you believe that my grandpa is 94?

And now, some classic Buddy moments …

Baby tubs make excellent lounge chairs.

He ran around this room for 30 minutes straight.

Nothing beats playing chase with Dada.

He can reach doorknobs now. We are doomed.

We read together every day.

I think I’ve mentioned that Buddy loves his uncle, my brother. They are buds. Compadres. Inseparable. Here’s the funny part: Buddy looks EXACTLY like my brother did when he was little. All my aunts comment on it at every family party. He could totally pass as my brother’s son, which weirds the Super Spouse out to no end …

See the resemblance?

And now, classic Munchkin moments:

Catching some beauty sleep.

Smiling for the camera.

Baby feet!!

She’s got this intensity about her.

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