Randomness And Apologies

I’m calling it now: I’m not going to be posting much in the near future. Why, you ask? Because my brain is mush. Because I’m going to pop soon. And because I’ve got no energy left at the end of the day. Plus, I’m hitting that point in the pregnancy where I feel like a beached whale and that just makes for crabby rants and TMI posts. About boobies. (Or so the Hubbs tells me.) Maybe I’ll do shorter things, maybe I won’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And now for the randomness:
Halloween was a bit of a downer for us. We had my grandma’s birthday part on Saturday and our neighborhood block party on Friday. Both involved keeping Sean up past his normal bedtime (on Saturday that bedtime was simply nuked, poor kid), and on Saturday he didn’t even get in a good nap. So when Halloween rolled around on Sunday, I threw in the towel. We didn’t even put him in his Halloween costume. (The few pictures we got of him in the outfit the previous two days are probably blurred by him ripping the Darth Vader helmet/hat off of his head. He was not amused by that hat.)

Instead of getting dressed up and trick-or-treating, we had a leisurely dinner, a bath with extra play time, and a normal bedtime routine with milk and stories before brushing his teeth and putting him to bed at 7:30 p.m. Sean was falling asleep in my arms about halfway through story time. He really needed his routine back. And so did we. And there’s always next year.

Little girl clothes should come with warning labels. We went to the Carter’s store this weekend with my family because 1. They were having a 50% off sale and I also had a 25% off coupon which made for 75% off full-price clothes, 2. I wanted to get Sean some clothes for our Christmas card/Santa photo and 3. because he needed pants. We got tons of 18-month clothes for his birthday in April, so he has a ton of shorts and maybe 4 pairs of jeans. And its not like you can wash them every 2-3 wears like you do with adult jeans. The kid comes home with schmootz ground into the fabric every day.

While we were there, we also got some clothes to fill out Peanut’s wardrobe: A couple of long-sleeve onesies, a couple of cute random outfits, and Hubbs picked out this dress for when my family comes to visit on/around Christmas. (And for the ensuing holiday pictures) And once we decided on the dress, we also decided that she needed tights. And then we looked at it and said, its going to be cold in December. So we bought her a turtleneck to go under it.

Hubbs wandered around the store (mostly in the girl section) and come back with armloads of clothes for me to look at, his eyes all soft and puppy-ish. “Isn’t this cute?” Of course it is. Its girl clothing. Retailers are evil. They make clothes with matching shoes, tights, and hairbands, so you feel like you need to get the whole set, because when you put it all together, rainbows and sunshine burst from behind the clouds and unicorns exist while kittens sponateously burst out of random doorways and you get cavities from all the cute.

Moral of the story: Shopping for girl clothes is hazardous to your wallet. Just sayin’. Oh, and we got Sean this vest and a red turtleneck for his Santa picture. He’s gonna look so cute!

I have discovered leggings. And now I want to know where they’ve been this entire pregnancy. Because they’re freaking comfortable. It feels like I’m wearing pjs with no waistband. Only downside of that: I’m extra sleepy today and I can’t wear slippers at work.

Time flies. Its early November. I’m 34 weeks pregnant (8 months!). And I go on maternity leave the Monday after Thanksgiving. Including two days I’m taking off next week due to our day care provider having Veteran’s Day off, that means I have exactly 14 work days remaining (not including today). And while we’re doing a count down, I’ve got 6 weeks left in this pregnancy. But how is that, you ask, when a pregnancy is for 9 months and you’re already 8 months pregnant? Reality: You’re pregnant for 10 months. Yeah. I know. The baby is due at week 40. Only 6 weeks to go …


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