Time Flies

We took Sean to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm a couple of weeks ago, and it was such a cool experience. He turned 18 months old this month (that would be a year and a half), and he was interested in practically everything.

Mom! Dad! Have you SEEN these pumpkins? Can I climb on them?

Above, he is marveling at some of the massive pumpkins at the farm. We took some pictures of him sitting on them too, but he refused to look at the camera. He was too interested in figuring out out he was going to slide off the pumpkins to pose. Not that he ever poses. Everything with this kid is an action shot. But note in the above picture: He’s standing amongst giant pumpkins. He was looking at me the entire time saying “woah!” Later in the day, he was picking up pumpkins by himself and putting them in our wheelbarrow to take home. He picked out two pumpkins: One for him and one for his sister. Not that he really understands the sister part. He probably thinks he just got two pumpkins.

Just for contrast, I give you one year ago:

What are these big things? Hello? Somebody help!

Say it with me: Awwww! Sean was 6 months old here. He was still struggling on staying upright when sitting by himself. For this picture, we had to prop him against the pumpkins — which, I might add, were regular-sized. Not giant ones like the first picture. We did minimal stuff at the pumpkin farm that year: We mostly just walked around and pointed stuff out to the kid until he got tired and we left.

Not so this year: After taking a picture with the farm’s mascot — who we missed last year — we got a couple of random pictures before riding the train. That was a huge hit, I might add. For the rest of our visit, every time it went by, Sean would point and say “oooh”.

He did NOT trust that Pumpkin Head Dude. Not one bit. Also? Baby bump!

The farm also had a petting zoo area with llamas, goats, and chickens, as well as a play area with hay bale mazes, rubber duck races, and three “pools” of lima beans for kids to play in. We stayed in the lima bean pools for an hour.

Why? Because it was obviously fascinating:

It was kind of like playing in sand … but less messy.

Very entertaining:

Action shot!

And rather relaxing:

Mother? More beans, please.

I can’t wait for next year.


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