Improvisation 101

The pacifier is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it helps him calm down when he’s upset or in stressful situations. A blessing in that it helps him fall asleep. A curse in that it helps him fall asleep. A curse in that if he tosses a binkie out of reach while in the crib at night, he won’t settle back down until he finds one or I get out of bed and give/find him one.

So while driving to San Mateo for a family visit this weekend, he tossed the pacifier somewhere in the car where I couldn’t reach it. (Jason found it wedged between the car seat and the door when we arrived at our destination.) He was complaining about it, so I handed him a couple of toys that we keep in the car for him that I thought could soothe his need for the binkie: A teething toy, some nubby rings, and a chip clip.

Yes, my kid likes to play with chip clips. I know it makes no sense. And I have no idea if its BPA free. He usually will just work on closing it, then hand it to me to open again. He likes this game. So imagine my surprise when I suddenly heard snoring from the backseat, and turned around to see this:

For the record: He opened the chip clip by himself — something he’s never done before, at least to my knowledge. But I have to admit, I’m impressed. The little guy wanted to suck on something and he improvised. He slept for 40 minutes with that silly chip clip hanging out of his mouth. I took several pictures, and I still laugh every time I see it.

Even more impressive? The chip clip never closed or bopped him on the nose the entire ride.

This is so going in the album of quasi-embarrassing but mostly cute photos I plan to show his future dates/spouse. Everyone has a file like that, right?

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