The Life Of A Toddler

Some random Sean moments …

The kid refuses to wear the baby sunglasses I bought him months ago — they wrap around the back of his head and don’t have the plastic arms. You know, so he can’t poke his eye out with them. But no … he insists on wearing the $12 adult-size “Terminator”-esque version he conned us into buying at Ace Hardware a couple of weeks ago. Not that he wears them outside. Or for more than two minutes at a time.

Toys? Who needs toys? I’ve got an empty milk jug and an old water bottle that leaks! (And yes, he pulled them out of our indoor recycling bin. Which means my kid was playing with trash. I can’t believe I just admitted that.) Just FYI: These two items entertained him all day.

And just what did he do all day? He poured us imaginary drinks, of course. Now if we can only teach him to use the bottle opener, Hubbs might just pass out from the bliss.

As I’ve mentioned before, Sean has officially dropped his morning nap. So this is what we do now: He gets his milk during “Sesame Street”. Of course, this is the after picture. The before picture would show him hounding me in the kitchen while I warmed his milk up, then running back to the living room, and turning his personal sofa into a bed. This whole process buys us about 15 minutes of being able to sit in one place.

And finally, a progression of images to entertain you …

And that is what happens to tissues — and their boxes — at our house. You might want to seriously consider whether you really need to blow your nose when you visit. (I’m kidding, we put out a new box — one that is out of his reach — for company.) But did you notice that he puts the tissues back in the box? That amuses me to no end.


2 comments on “The Life Of A Toddler

  1. Erin says:

    Ok so I probably shouldn't compare your son to our cats, but I swear to God my cats' favorite toys are scraps of paper and electrical wires, despite the innumerable toys we've bought them. And, they adore shredding kleenex. 🙂

  2. monkey momma says:

    Hah! Its the same with our cat. Buy her a toy? Meh. Give her a bottle cap and she's entertained for HOURS.

    Same thing with a kid. We give Sean straws from Starbucks and Peets (he likes the colored straws. Clear ones are boring, apparently) to gnaw on while we're grocery shopping because they keep him entertained much better than any toy we've ever bought him.

    Parental life lesson: You can spend $100 on a toy, but I can practically guarantee that the box will get more play time.

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