Now that the Peanut’s nursery is done, someone decided that he needed to test out … well … everything.

He does this every time the door his open: He’ll run in and pull on the fabric until I put him in the crib.

Then he’ll lay down and check out the bumper, sheet, and wall decoration.

And say “sheep” before tossing that poor lamb across the crib and dumping it overboard. The Dread Pirate Sean takes no prisoners.

Next, he tries to pluck the butterflies off the wall.

Before moving to the floor, where he thoroughly inspects the laundry baskets’ structural integrity.

They must be able to withstand being used as beds/mini forts.

And be versatile enough enough to double as bongo drums. He always finishes his tour by raiding the toy bin — but all those pictures turned out blurry, because he was too busy flinging the toys around the room. (Its impossible to be annoyed by this, though — he also puts all the toys back.)

I need to get one of those cameras that gets fast-action shots. I hate having to delete 50% of the photos I take because my kid streaks around like The Flash.


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