The nursery walls got painted (again) last night and I finally got all the matte spots. So the walls are done! (Cue happy dance.) Also, I washed all the baby linens and just need to throw them in the dryer when I get home. That means that tonight, I can start doing the final stuff in that room. Sweet.

I also need to buy newborn size diapers so I can get the diaper changing area ready and marvel at how tiny they are before holding them up to Sean and saying sappy stuff to the Hubbs like: “Can you believe how small he used to be?” and “I can’t believe he EVER fit into these!” And then Hubbs can nod in my general direction and secretly roll his eyes about how loony tunes I am.

But loony or not, at least I don’t have gestational diabetes. I passed that horrid 3-hour test I wrote about the other day. So … ice cream is still on the menu!

Its also bath night for Sean. Which means that its also bath night for me, since he always manages to soak my clothes by the end of it. It also means excitement. My kid loves baths. When he heard me turning on the water on Monday, he came sprinting into the bathroom, looked at me, giggled, then went sprinting for (and crashing into) Hubbs. Hubbs’ job on bath night is to turn Sean into the nekkid baby and bring him into the bathroom while I get the water prepped, the toys out, and towel ready. (We tried switching jobs once and the Hubbs was emotionally scarred for life.) Then, while I get the kid clean, he gets the crib ready (at least 3 binkies, Zhu-Zhu, fixing the pillow’s placement, etc.) and makes Sean his milk for story time.

And then I get to pull the kid out of the tub. While he cries, screams, and stomps his feet in protest. In Sean’s perfect world, bath time would never end.

Finally, the Peanut is big enough to make my entire stomach quiver, shake, and jump when she gets moving. Which also means that her kicks to my bladder have become more dangerous. Just one more sign that we’ve turned a corner and the finish line — although far away and hazy — is finally in sight.


One comment on “Booyah!

  1. Erin says:

    Yay! Glad you don't have to give up dessert. 🙂

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