I can’t really put a cohesive thought together today, so here’s some tidbits of what’s floating around in my brain:

1. I’ve officially hit the third trimester of this pregnancy: 28 weeks or 7 months. That means two things: That I only have 12 weeks to go and I’ve only got 12 weeks left to get my collective mess together before this little girl makes her debut.

2. Last night, Hubbs said he thought it would be cool if babies ate their way out of the womb. As in, eating through the belly and emerging around the belly button area. And then he made chomping noises. Um … yeah. On another note, I had a dream last night that pretty much looked like Ripley’s nightmares from “Aliens” … except a child burst through my chest AND KILLED ME.

3. My belly button has officially gone from an “innie” to an “outie.” And the sight of it weirds out the Hubbs to no end. He actually cringed, turned his head away, and tried to cover my belly button last night — because I don’t have enough body issues right now. In retaliation, I’ve decided that for the remaining 12 weeks of this pregnancy I’m going to hitch my shirts up so he can always see my belly button. Love ya baby!

4. I failed the first glucose test of this pregnancy, so I had to take the 3-hour version yesterday. For those of you not in the know on this (and consider yourself lucky), the 1st glucose test consists of you drinking 10oz of a flavored drink (get the lemon-lime!), and getting your blood drawn one hour later. If you fail that, you get to take the 3-hour test. This consists of getting your blood drawn four times: When you walk into the lab they take a “fasting” draw. Then you have 5 minutes to drink a more concentrated 10 oz flavored drink (much harder than it sounds), then getting your blood drawn after 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. (In other words, bring a book.)

For this latest test, I found out that the only available flavor was orange. Do you remember Triaminic? The orange flavored one? Yeah. That’s what this tastes like: 10 oz of Triaminic syrup. I barely choked it down in five minutes. Also? I’m what the phlebotomists call a “hard draw.” That means they can rarely find my veins. I’m the person who goes in and gets warmers on both arms, my inner forearms and on the tops of my hands before they find a vein. So once they found a vein, they stuck to it: I had all four draws from almost the same spot/same vein. Which now means my entire arm hurts. And I look like a junkie.

5. I re-painted (for the third time), the cover-up spots in the nursery the other day. But because of the light, I missed a ton of spots and have to do it again sometime this week. (Note to self: Use a larger roller this time.) I am no longer amused by this. But at least I know that I bought the right kind of paint.

6. Sean loves being kissed: He thinks its hilarious when I smatter both his cheeks with kisses then lift his little body up so I can do the same to his tummy. Apparently, this is the greatest thing ever. It also prompted him to give me kisses yesterday, something he hasn’t done in months. (I get hugs all the time, but kisses are rare.) There’s something about your kid grabbing your cheeks and putting his mouth to yours while saying “mom, mom, mom” that completely melts your heart.

7. Sean loves being kissed part 2: At his cousin’s 1st birthday party a couple of weekends ago, he hadn’t napped all day and was playing the hyper-clingy shy boy part all night. But when we were saying goodbye to my extended family, he suddenly opened up. Why? He got kisses goodbye from all his aunties and his great-grandma. Apparently, all you have to do to get a smile and a giggle out of him is to tell him you love him and kiss his cheeks.

8. Sean is also starting to say “bye” to people. We’d get a sporadic “bye” from him for the past six months, but now? He holds his little hand up and curls his fingers in while saying “buh-eye”. Last night he said it and waved to the little girl from day care, her mother, and his day care provider.

9. I’m convinced that “Sesame Street” puts kids into trances. Its the only time we can contain him to one room when we’re home. (It also contains us to that room, since he insists on sitting on someone’s lap during the show.)

10. Just to see if I could do it, I ignored the text on almost all of Sean’s bedtime books last night and did them from memory. The end result: Not bad. Apparently my brain still works.


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