Getting It Done

With Sean throwing our world upside down with his “I’m only taking 1 nap a day” torture routine, the Hubbs and I have found that we can get nothing done on the weekends. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So we took Monday off, dropped the boy off at day care, and tackled our to-do lists. We started off together and went to the doctor so Hubbs could get his flu vaccine and whooping cough booster. (I had already gotten my preservative-free flu shot, and will get the booster in the hospital after Peanut is born.) Then it was off to breakfast in downtown Walnut Creek, a quick trip to the Container Store to find hooks so we can store our bicycles in the garage, and a not-so-quick side trip to the Apple store to play with the iPad. Hubbs surfed the Web and totally geeked out over the technology while I played Zombie vs. Plants. (Which is actually easier to play on the touch screen, since I can use two hands. Bonus.)

Then we went home and started to work.

Hubbs took to the great outdoors — he dismantled the two shade canopies we put up in the backyard in April for Sean’s birthday, cleaned up for an upcoming BBQ, toiled in the front yard, and performed complex math and acrobatics to get the bicycles hanging in our garage rafters instead of gathering spider webs while leaning against the side of the house.

I went into the nursery, patched holes, hung shelves, painted butterflies on two walls with a stencil, cleaned the floor, sanded a dresser top and primed it. I also listened to Hubbs curse at the shade canopies through the open window. Around 2 p.m., I took a break to go grocery shopping and brought back lunch. Hubbs went back outside to prune some of the yard craziness, while I put the groceries away and painted the dresser top purple.

Then we took a quick trip to Peet’s as a treat and went to the newly-opened hardware store nearby. (And can I just say, that I am just so freaking happy that we have a hardware store nearby again? As in, less than 5 minutes away and no stop lights to speak of? It’s LOVELY.) At said hardware store, we got glass knobs for the dresser, since the ones I ordered online were canceled by the seller, and a Halloween decoration. Then we booked over to day care to get Sean by 5:30 p.m.

And I know, you’re reading this going … that’s it? That’s ALL you did?

But it was a lot. Really. And we ended up working more after putting Sean to bed. We had to put the knobs on the dresser. But the screws that came with the knobs? They were too short. And the screws that were holding on the old knobs? You guessed it: They were too long.

So Hubbs volunteered to go to the hardware store for new screws. And I learned something: I need to work on being more … well … clear. Because he brought home screws that were too short. And then got frustrated and upset. So I went to the hardware store and spent an inordinate amount of time in their aisles comparing screws to the one I brought with me — the one that was too long but had this weird spacer on it that made the length almost right. And the screws I brought home? They were the perfect size. Huzzah! (Yes, I just “huzzah-ed” over metal screws. Apparently one is loose in my brain.)

But the drama wasn’t over: I couldn’t get all the old screws off of the dresser. They weren’t moving. So the Hubbs had to come in with his wire/bolt cutters and cut the old screws off for me, rolling his eyes the entire time. But man — once we got those new knobs on the dresser? They totally make the dresser. (And Hubbs agreed!) I would actually go into a store and pay money for this. It doesn’t look shabby or “meh” anymore. It looks … sophisticated and new.

And while I was on that “yay me!” high, I went all out and put the tools away, broke down the folding table, put the toy bin together, and put everything into place before leaving the window open and closing the door for the night. Now all we have to do is wait for the paint to dry and fill the room with little odds and ends. But for the most part? The nursery is DONE.

And now, the room’s transformation: The Before

View from the door and looking to the right.

The view from the door when looking straight ahead.
The middle point: After a visit from my parents …

No-sew curtains! (And note the navy blue dresser top.)
The assembled crib, complete with linens. SO YOU CAN SEE IT.

Getting closer … Stuff that happened Monday:

Look, I can hang things! (Shelves and diaper changing station stuff.)
The butterfly stencil and four different paint colors.
Up close and personal with the winged insects …

The finished dresser.
Have I mentioned that I love the knobs?

 The big picture:

Looking into the room from the doorway.
Looking from just behind the glider.
Crib with finished butterflies and shelf.

I never got around to doing the dishes or prepping a week’s worth of dinners. But there’s always tonight, right? Riiight …

**** UPDATE ****
Hubbs and I were looking at the walls last night, and you could TOTALLY see where I had used the touch-up paint. And although it was dry, it still looked wet. That’s when Hubbs realized something: “I gave you the wrong paint.”


Turns out, it was the paint we had used in the bathroom — a light bluish-gray with a gloss finish. So I had to go to the paint store this morning before my doctor’s appointment to get more paint — since we apparently ran out when we painted this room. I’ll have to put primer over the incorrect color, since its darker than the correct color, then use the touch-up paint AGAIN.


2 comments on “Getting It Done

  1. Erin says:

    CUTE! Question – the preservative free flu shot — this is the first I've heard of this! How did you get that?

  2. monkey momma says:

    Re: Flu shot. Its the only flu shot you can get when pregnant. Its thimerosal free. ( I ended up getting mine at Walgreens, since my regular doctor didn't have any thimerosal-free doses yet. You just have to ask for it specifically when you go in. Although since there are lower quantities, they may deny your request if you're not in the “high risk” group that needs it: children, pregnant women, and people who are allergic to it.

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