Getting My Nest On

The pieces are almost all in place. I’m so tantalizingly close. As soon as the last few pieces arrive in the mail, we’ll be set to break ground on Peanut’s nursery. I am so freaking excited that its a little embarrassing.

Here’s my to-do list:

  1. Do a general cleaning, vacuum and mop floors and dust surfaces;
  2. Patch holes in walls with spackle and do touch-up paint;
  3. Put up curtains;
  4. Move rest of unwanted furniture out of the room;
  5. Move clothes that are too large into the garage for storage;
  6. Assemble crib and put into place;
  7. Paint dresser/changing table top;
  8. Switch out knobs on dresser/changing table;
  9. Move dresser/changing table into desired position;
  10. Put up shelves near dresser/changing table;
  11. Use stencil on walls near crib and changing table;
  12. Assemble toy bin;
  13. Get diaper station set up;
  14. Wash baby bedding and get it set up;
  15. Get liner for rug and put it in place.

Things I am waiting for:

  • Stencil.
  • Changing table knobs.
  • Curtain rings with clips.

I also still need to pick out/buy paint for the stencil.

I got a little ahead of myself the other day and decided that I was going to put up the curtains. Notice that hanging curtains is No. 3 on the list. I bought a black-out curtain wide enough to fit our crazy window and one curtain panel that matches the baby’s bedding. The plan: Put up the black-out curtain and hang the decorated panel in the middle of the window, and gather in the center with a ribbon. Easy right?

The curtain rod has a support bracket in the middle, it has to — our window is freaking wide. The black-out curtain is one of those sleeve designs, that the entire curtain rod slips into to hang. Meaning that it bunches up oddly smack-dab in the middle of the window because there’s no opening for the rod’s support bracket.

And it looks like crap. I could cut the curtain. But do I really want to do that? Um … no. Not yet. Let’s see how the decorated panel looks against it first.

Oh for the love of …

The black-out curtain takes up the whole rod and the decorated panel has the same issue: it’s a sleeve-style that the rod needs to slip into. We need a double-hang rod — which we used to have. Do we still have it?

Cue 20 minutes of searching the garage and closets before asking the Hubbs if we still have it. No, we donated it more than a year ago. And didn’t he ask me then if we needed to keep it?


I am not buying another double-hang rod. Or installing it for that matter. I know! Curtain rings.

Cue 20 minute Internet search for affordable curtain rings. Why is everything so effing expensive?! Finally find affordable curtain rings on eBay. Order.

After that, my energy fizzled out. I was too lazy to take down the blackout curtain, so its just hanging there until the curtain rings come in. In the meantime, I figure I’m just helping the creases come out.

I’ll have some before/during/after pictures to post later, but here’s a taste of some things we’ll be putting into the room:

We chose a lilac damask print for the Peanut’s bedding and curtains. I liked that it wasn’t pink and its simple elegance. Here’s a link to the actual bedding so you can see what it looks like all pulled together: We bought the bumper, top sheet, crib skirt, and window panel. We also have an almost-matching changing pad cover.

Glass knobs for the dresser (aren’t they pretty?!).

The rug, which we got in a more muted color so it will last year and years and years — and hopefully survive into her teen years. (Also, I totally heart’s $2.95 shipping. I can’t imagine what it would have cost to ship otherwise).

The stencil for her wall: Obviously, that isn’t her room. I should mention that the walls in her room are white with a slight lilac undertone to them. Hubbs was a GENIUS for picking that color. So the room looks white, until you pop something purple/lilac against it — like her bedding. And then you can totally see the purple. I also like the whimsy and different sizes/shapes of the butterflies. Not to mention that the design is non-linear, which is very different from the damask fabrics in the room. We’re going to paint the butterflies going up the wall in a flourish from her crib on one wall, and from her dresser on the opposite wall. I’m thinking of getting 3 different shades of purple — maybe even one that’s metallic — for the butterflies.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


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