Hooray For Thursday!

More like hooray for office picnics, cause guess where I’m going today? Yeah, you guessed it. You’re so smart. So clever. And good looking too! (There, now don’t you feel better?) Another reason for my good mood? I got to wear capris and a tank top to work today. With sandals. That fit. (Oh to be comfortable!!)

Nevermind that its supposed to be like 65 degrees in SF today, it was HOT in my house this a.m., so I dressed appropriately … for 90 degree weather. Whoops. At least I brought a sweater and sunscreen …

In other news ….

My brother is out of the hospital and is happily convalescing at home. Although they still don’t know where the infection was and he will have that drain attached to his body for the foreseeable future. (Don’t even get me started …)

I’m totally addicted to “Covert Affairs”. Its just so fun. And the fact that there’s a totally hot guy on there — whose character is blind, and it somehow adds to his hotness? Well ladies, that’s just what I call GRAVY.

I managed to (mostly) clean the kitchen. Yay me!

I also (amazingly) remembered to set up the crock pot for tonight’s dinner — steak tips in red wine sauce. (Which means it’ll be done when I get home tonight!) The prep was ridiculously easy — I’ll let you know if it tastes good later!

And speaking of food, Sean has discovered pancakes and maple syrup. He thinks its mighty tasty, and has eaten them for dinner every night this week. The syrup bottle is required to either be within his sight or in his hands the entire time. He’ll ask me to flip open the top, then will try to pour more syrup onto his plate. (Thankfully Mom’s quick/pays attention and closes the cap first.) He’ll even dip his apple slices into the syrup after he’s eaten all of his pancake. It’s practically become a religious experience for him. As in, he wants to build a bronze altar to the syrup gods that is surrounded by a pool of syrup that he can frolic in.  

I kid you not:

Oh sweet, blessed syrup …

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