In Which My Husband Has A Heart Attack

It’s happening again.

Sometime after my son was born, I went through what we refer to as the Great Shoe Purge. Shoes that no longer fit because my feet had somehow managed to get wider were given away. Donated. Cast off. And it wasn’t just a few pairs. It was a mini mountain. The Mt. Everest of discards.

It was depressing. Some of those shoes I really liked. Others, I had barely worn. We then went out and bought me two new pairs of shoes at a local store that specializes in wide and narrow widths. Because I have what is technically called Flintstone feet. It’s not pretty. (THOSE shoes, by the way, amazingly still fit, but aren’t appropriate for all work clothes situations.)

And its happening again. The FEW — as in 4 — pairs of flats that I can wear with dresses to work? My toes start to tingle after about 45 minutes. Because the circulation is starting to be cut off. Right now I’m looking down and I can see the indent from the strap of the shoes. I’ve taken to wearing flip-flops during my commute and only slipping the “work shoes” on once I’m at my desk. Even then, they stay off for most of the day.

I don’t want to buy new shoes because its such a pain in the butt. Styles I like never seem to fit me right, but the ones that do require a down payment. Plus, shopping with a toddler is practically impossible.

Why can’t pregnant women just get a pass on wearing work-appropriate attire? If I could just wear my slippers around work all day this would be much easier.

Not to mention cheaper.


2 comments on “In Which My Husband Has A Heart Attack

  1. Erin says:

    I worked with a woman who finally gave up and just started wearing flip flops. But seriously, her feet/ankles were so swollen it looked painful. Still, there's not much anyone can say if a normal shoe won't fit on your foot.

  2. monkey momma says:

    Well, SOME of the swelling goes down after having the baby, but your feet can actually grow from pregnancy: wider, longer, or both.

    If I could wear sneakers to work this really wouldn't be an issue …

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