Beach Bums

Hubbs grew up going to Half Moon Bay — he lived in San Mateo, after all. So he planned what was probably the most perfect day trip for us: A trip to Lemos Farm, lunch at the Miramar, and some beach time. As you can tell from our sweaters, it wasn’t exactly the warmest weather — but it wasn’t cold either. In other words, it was a great time:

He’s suspicious of that goat …

Lemos Farm is all about the kids. They have a petting zoo full of goats, ducks and geese in an enclosed pen, pony rides, bounce houses, hay rides, and a train that takes you through their Halloween exhibit — which is probably scariest for adults, because its like a creepy doll display. I was seriously looking for “Chucky” the entire time. Sean didn’t seem to mind though. He just keep saying “go” to the train operator. As for the animals — he would have nothing to do with the ponies. He eyed the goats with suspicion — maybe because they were trying to eat his shoes. But the ducks? Those were totally cool in his view…

Power to the ducks!
“Duck” is the newest word added to his vocabulary.

The farm also has some interactive photo opportunities. Which the Hubbs loved …

They look like they’re having a little TOO much fun in there …
Sean didn’t quite “get” the point of this one.

Then it was off to lunch. You know, I never noticed it until I had a child, but when you bring a kid into some restaurants, people give you the eye. Its the “Oh god, they have a KID” look. You can tell they’re just waiting for your kid to go berzerk so they can roll their eyes and mutter something about “breeders” under their breath. A couple who was seated after us, gave all three of a critical eye before sitting down.

Everyone has sat next to that family before, and we try our hardest not to be them: We always pack him a lunch with his favorites: string cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruit with some kind of grain and veggie. We bring a bag of toys that he only sees while we’re out and about. We have extra binkies. A bottle of milk at the ready. Sippy cups of ice-cold water. And if he gets noisy or antsy, one of us will take him out of the restaurant and walk him around outside. But after a full morning running around on trains and watching ducks, this was pretty much what he looked like after he ate his lunch. (And during lunch, his little mouth was full and he was quiet.) Take that, eyeballing couple with sunburns and bad haircuts!

Are you guys done yet?

And then we went to the beach …

We didn’t take any pictures on our way to the sand, mostly because it was a freaking steep descent/climb. I was thinking of this possibility before we left the car: I had the Hubbs help me put Sean in our ERGO carrier — backpack style, so I could have my hands free and have a clear view of my feet getting to the beach. It was a really good thing I did. I have no idea how we would have scaled that “walkway” if one of us had to carry Sean the regular way. Sean didn’t mind, except that his mule (me) was going way too slow for his taste. Ever have to navigate a steep path with a child strapped to your back, kicking his legs, flailing his arms, while laughing and saying “go! go! go!”?

Well then you haven’t lived.

But the people going the opposite way on the trail? Thought it was hilarious.


Once we were off the trail and safely on the level sand, we let Sean loose. Which he loved. In the above picture, he’s running for the ocean. If Hubbs hadn’t stopped him, he would’ve plunged right into the water. The child has no fear.

And Sean discovered that sand is awesome. Mom discovered that even after you think you’ve gotten all the sand off him him, it can still lurk in pockets and spill out onto the living room floor — and you — while watching Sesame Street …

But I think it was worth it.
Yes. Definitely worth it.        
We also saw kites.

The above photo is also the closest thing we have to a belly shot of me. I’m 22 weeks (5 months) pregnant. But that’s OK, cause I get these daily:

He’s a snuggler.

All in all, it was a very full, fun-filled day. We’re already planning our next day trip.

They like long walks on the beach.

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