“Seriously? I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

Sometimes there are just no words. I came home from work to find that the Hubbs had gotten Sean to wear a swim diaper on his head. By wearing it on his head first. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that little gem on camera. However, I’m convinced that Sean was only patronizing us with the headgear because we were laughing so damn hard.

This is your face on “Sesame Street.”

The Hubbs will admit to putting “Sesame Street” on at every opportunity (thank you DVR) because this is what Sean wants to do while he watches at least part of it. The kid’s a snuggler. In a major “turn your heart to jelly” kind of way.

“Mmmmmm! Cereal puffs!”

This is what happens when you give your child a full container of cereal puffs when he asks for it. While hilarity and good pictures ensue, you’re left scooping up the non-drooly ones to put back in the container for the next day.

“I can’t believe you let me do that! This is awesome!”

What can I say, the kid loves cereal puffs. And ice water …

“Welcome to my bathroom. As you can see, pants are optional…”

Apparently, bathrooms are fascinating. Its where we get to brush our teeth, comb our hair, and watch Momma do the exact same things. (We do bath time in the other bathroom.) Also, although not pictured here, when you try to lure him out of said bathroom he’ll lay on the floor and pretend to sleep.

Pudgy baby feet!!! (Enough said, right?)
“Wanna hang out at my crib tonight?”

You know you want to.


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