Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Here she is, our little girl. I’ll spare you (and her) the ultrasound pic of her girly parts. I think its pretty clear that you’re looking at the profile of her head (as if the caption wasn’t obvious enough). The white lines to the left of her chin? That’s a hand. And the blobby white area below the hand is the top of her chest.

Watching this ultrasound was much different than the Monkey’s: The Monkey was doing his morning cardio — he bounced around, doing flips and squirming all over the place. He totally went spread-eagle at one point, making it obvious to us all that he was a boy.

But the Peanut? This little girl is completely different. I can already tell.

She stayed curled up most of the time, with her legs together (good girl!), and knees pulled up to her chest. Every time they tried to get a good profile shot of her, she’s turn her head away, as if being coy. They actually had me gulp down a glass of ice water to try to get her to move so they could get all the pictures they needed. We were all poking at my belly, trying to coax her into moving.

The ultrasound tech actually called her stubborn at one point. So I turned to the Hubbs and laughed: “Wow. I can’t imagine one of our children being stubborn.”

But watching her like that, it made me think — she looks like a snuggler. Like one of those kids who will have a favorite lovey or blanket and will curl into your lap for a story or just to sit there. The Monkey will snuggle, but it usually involves Sesame Street or him being tired. Otherwise, he’s going a million miles a minute, and if you blink, you could get nailed in the head with a plastic ball. Just ask my brother.

Even in the womb, the Monkey was active. My stomach would routinely jump and pulsate. It was a regular occurrence to see the outline of a foot push out from my skin. I’d place remote controls, phones, and the cat on my belly to watch him kick them off. Hell, he was kicking up a storm while I was actively trying to push him out of me in the delivery room. That one caught the nurses by surprise.

But the Peanut? I get a kick here and there. But she’s mostly swishes and bubbles. I’m sure this will change as she continues to grow, but it’s definitely a change.

I wonder if she’ll be the mellow baby, if she’ll have a calming effect on her brother. Or if she’s just insanely clever and will be the real troublemaker of the duo. She will be — after all — born in the Year of the Tiger. Just like her father. Of course, the Monkey was born in the Year of the Ox. AND he’s a Taurus on top of that. So we’ll be a house with two tigers, an ox, and a monkey (me).

I feel outnumbered already.


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