Picture Updates

Some random pictures of the Monkey, since I really haven’t posted any since his birthday. I apologize for the quality — they’re all from my phone.

About a month ago, we went to my aunt’s house for a graduation party. And the Monkey knows an infant car seat when he sees one. This one belongs to my niece (cousin’s kid — so … second niece? Second cousin? Whatever.) Annabella. She’s tiny and adorable. And everyone got a good laugh at the Monkey squeezing into the seat and trying to pull the canopy down. Maybe he wanted a nap … and yes, that’s an AC/DC onesie on him. I know, I heart it too.

This is arguably the Monkey’s favorite part of us taking him to the park: Either Momma or Dada will climb up onto the structure, plop him in their lap, and take him down the big-kid twisty slide. He loves it. He gets the exhilaration of the slide and we get all the rub burns and static shocks on the way down. And will you look at how LONG he is? I still can’t believe it sometimes.

This is the danger of letting small children use your phone as a toy. They want to play with it. While you’re trying to take their picture at the A’s game. Why so important? The Monkey usually rips hats off his head, and he was actually placating me for awhile this day.

Munching on crackers in the trunk of our Highlander during our tailgate before the game. See how thoughtful he looks? He was watching the big kids run around. But food was more important than joining them. That and he was trapped in his portable high chair. That might have swayed his opinion too …


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