So … our 1-year-old AC is only sort-of working. A tech came out yesterday to do a band-aid fix so we wouldn’t die in the heat.

Did I mention its 98 degrees out here today?

I spent at least 2 hours on the phone — spaced out during the course of the day — with the repair people trying to sort out: 1. How freaking long it will take them to get here; 2. What it will cost me, if anything because its only ONE FREAKING YEAR OLD; and 3. Who am I freaking supposed to be talking to?

In a word, I am HOSED.

So far, they’ve suggested that it will cost $1k to fix the issue of a new coil and a broken drain pan. (That’s part costs and $95/hour labor.) I’ve suggested that my butt mysteriously hurts now. And my wallet is missing. WTF. I just gave these highway robbers $5k a year ago to install the dang thing.

So they’ve got some “comfort adviser” coming over here tomorrow — sans charge — to check things out. NOT TO FIX ANYTHING, mind you. I wonder if he’ll have advice for my sore backside.

I was so pissed off after getting off the phone, I wrote them a letter on their Web site. I gave them people’s names. I gave them dates. I used words like: shocking, unacceptable, disappointed, robbery, and said I was VERY disappointed in my experience. I’ll see if my theory holds water: Complaints in writing get you farther than blowing hot air into the phone. People on the phone give you the runaround (such as my all-day experience today). I’ll see what the next few days yield.

In the meantime, I’m stuck telecommuting the next few days. I’ve got the AC running in a vain attempt to get the house below 80 degrees, and all the fans pointed directly at me while I cuss and curse the AC people.

But at least I’m nice to them on the phone. I let them know I’m not happy and annoyed, but I’m nice.

For today at least.


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