I Am A Biter.

I’ve been inspired by my friend over at Musings Of A Madwoman (http://www.zeromusings.com): LISTS. Oh man, this is so much easier than an entire post on one topic!

So here’s my random thoughts for the week:

  1. It’s Friday morning and I’m EXHAUSTED. Why is that? The Monkey is finally sleeping through the night!
  2. Oh, maybe its that pregnant thing.
  3. You know, cause its getting impossible to get comfortable at night.
  4. I have bug bites all over my legs.
  5. I’m allergic to bug bites. If I itch them, they swell up into these giant, uncomfortable blister-things.
  6. The Hubbs has ZERO bug bites on him.
  7. Why don’t the bugs like him too?
  8. I telecommuted for two days this week.
  9. Nothing beats working in your PJs.
  10. Except not working.
  11. We’re going to a housewarming party this weekend.
  12. We’re bringing gin, tonic water, and limes.
  13. And I can’t have any.
  14. The party starts at noon.
  15. We’re not sure when it ends.
  16. Which means I need to pack enough food for the Monkey to have both lunch and dinner.
  17. And his portable high chair.
  18. And enough milk for 2 naps.
  19. And the pack-and-play.
  20. Not that he’ll sleep.
  21. Because the Hubbs and his friends will be drinking and living it up.
  22. While I’m dead sober.
  23. And tired.
  24. But hope springs eternal, right?
  25. Maybe I’ll bring the stroller too — in case the kid gets antsy and we need to go outdoors.
  26. Which means I’ll need a hat and sunscreen for the both of us.
  27. Yes, I am THAT mother — the one that overpacks for everything.
  28. However, if you’re ever stranded in the middle of nowhere? You want to be with me. Cause I have rope, flares, a multi-tool, duct tape, thermal blankets, a bombastic first-aid kit, and water purification tablets (among many other things) in my emergency car kit.
  29. No joke.
  30. I also have a “baby” emergency car kit. It has diapers, formula, wipes, a binky, and a spare set of clothes.
  31. Which reminds me — the Monkey is too big for the clothes in his emergency kit. Time to replace them.
  32. Or leave them as a spare set for The Deuce.
  33. We got our double stroller in the mail this week.
  34. Well, its a single stroller that converts to a double stroller.
  35. The Monkey demanded we take it on a test drive to the park when he saw it in the living room.
  36. It handled off-roading quite well.
  37. It also folds easily.
  38. And is red.
  39. Because having two noisy kids won’t draw ENOUGH attention to us.
  40. I finally watched the Masterpiece Theater “Emma” movie that I DVR-ed back in January.
  41. And pretty much cried 2x during each of the three segments.
  42. Then I turned it on again when vegging on the couch with the Hubbs.
  43. Not as romantic/sad when he’s watching it with me.
  44. His commentary + asking where the sex scenes are = mood killer.
  45. But I love him anyway.
  46. And he didn’t complain about watching it.
  47. Unless you count rolling your eyes.
  48. And drinking copious amounts of gin and tonics.
  49. While rubbing my back.
  50. That was pretty much the best part of the day.

And I think that’s quite enough. Have a good weekend, all!


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