Gag Me (part 2)

Some epic failures and successes:

1. I tried giving the Monkey his bottle 10 minutes before putting him in his crib. Instead of drinking it, he set it on the floor and toddled over to his toys. When I picked him up and handed him the bottle, he threw it across the room. We moved to his bedroom, turned out the lights, and sat in the glider. I handed him the bottle again. He took two gulps before dropping it down the side and trying to shimmy off my lap to head to his toy box. I ended up laying him down in the crib, giving him the bottle, turning on his crib lullaby toy, and closing the door on my way out.

Verdict: FAIL.

2. After putting the Monkey to bed with a bottle of milk, I crept into the room after he fell asleep and took the bottle out of his room. No spills, just me sneaking around the his room and fumbling around trying to find the bottle in the dark and not wake him up.

Verdict: Success!

3. After doing a mountain of chores after putting the Monkey to bed, I forgot to sneak in and take his bottle out of the room.

Verdict: Neutral — no spills, since he drank the entire bottle — a trend that has continued since that time.

But the ultimate success? Uninterrupted sleep. The Monkey has — for 7 days straight — drank his entire bottle of milk before falling asleep, and then has slept through the night.

And I’ve just jinxed it.


One comment on “Gag Me (part 2)

  1. We let Alexa cry it out a few night early on and it has worked out fine — save for the nights where she is not feeling well. In those cases she has to be held until she's too sleepy to open her eyes.

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